Coming Unplugged

Intermediate NC2
Patrick Fleming (USA) - November 2013
With Love - Christina Grimmie

Start on vocals after 16 counts. No Tags Or Restarts.

L Forward-Side-Together-Side-Back Rock-Recover- ½ Turn-Side-Cross-Rock-Recover-Cross
1,2Step left forward. Step right to right side.
&3Step left beside right. Step right to right side.
4&Rock back onto left. Recover forward onto right.
5,6Step side onto left turning a ½ turn to right. Step right to right side. (6:00)
&7Cross left over right. Rock right to right side.
&8Recover onto left. Cross right over left.

& Sweep-Behind-Side-Sweep-Cross ¼ - ¼ -Lunge-Recover ¼- ½ Turn- ½ Turn
&1Step left to left side. Stepping right behind left, sweep left to left side.
2&Step left behind right. Step right to right side.
3Stepping left across right, sweep right to right side.
4Step right across left.
&5Step back left ¼ turn to right (9:00). Step right ¼ turn to right (12:00).
6,7Lunge onto right, torqueing body to right. Recover onto left ¼ to left (9:00).
8&Step back right ½ turn to left (3:00). Step forward left ½ turn to left (9:00).

R ¼ Side-Rock-Recover-L Side-Rock-Recover-R Forward 1/8-L Side 1/8-Together-Back 1/8-R Side 3/8-Left Side
1,2Step right to right side ¼ turn to left (6:00). Rock back onto left.
&3Recover onto right. Step left to left side.
4&Rock back onto right. Recover onto left.
5Step right diagonally forward to right corner (7:30).
6Step left to left side 1/8 turn to right (9:00).
&Step right beside left.
7Step left back 1/8 turn to right (10:30). Back is to 4:30, front is to 10:30
8Step right to right side turning 3/8 turn to right (3:00).
&Step left to left side.

Cross Rock-Recover-Cross Rock-Recover-& Step ½ Turn- ½ Triple R-Drag 1/2
1,2Rock right across left. Recover onto left
&3,4Step right to right side. Rock left across right. Recover onto right.
&5,6Step onto left. Step forward onto right. Pivot ½ turn to left (9:00). weight L
7&Step right side ¼ turn to left (6:00). Step left together.
8Step right back ¼ turn to left (3:00).
&While dragging left beside right, turn a 1/2 turn to left on ball of right (9:00)