So Done

Daniel Tobias & Rick Dominguez (USA) - November 2013
Primal & Sexy - The Band Perry's ["Done"]

Starts after 16 counts

Tag: 4 Count tag after the first wall: bump left, bump right, roll hips
Restart: 8 counts into the 3rd wall, with the start of the second verse

1&2Left toe, Left stomp, Left kick while turning ¼ to the left
3&4Coaster step (left, right, left)
4&6Right toe, Right stomp, Right kick while turning ½ to the right
7&8Coaster step (right, left, right)

9&10Bump left, Bump right, ¼ right turn while kicking with the right foot
11&12Shuffle forward while turning ¼ to the right (right, left, right)
13&14Hop on right foot, Hop on right foot, Hop on the right foot while kicking with a downward left foot kick
15&16Left turn ¾ to the left while: sweeping back step left, right together, step left forward in new direction

17&18Right step, Recover left, Cross right in front of left
19&20Grapevine to the left: step left, cross right behind, step left
21,22,23,24Sway right, Sway left, Sway right, ¼ turn to the right while hitching the right foot back (keeping weight on left foot)

25&26Triple step forward (right, left, right)
27,28Step forward with left, Recover right
29&301½ spin turning 540 degrees to the left (left, right, left)
31&32Plant both feet a foot apart from each other and hop 3 times, crossing feet on the second hop, then uncrossing feet on the 3rd hop.

Edit: On the 7th wall, where the music drops out, the last musical phrase is curtailed to 7 counts instead of 8 (Thank you very much, Band Perry!)

So we took advantage of it and made an awesome edit: When you reach step 31, make a one-count stomp with both feet, using the previous 1½ turn to leap into it. Make it loud! Then go directly to the top of the dance.