Learn To Dance

Easy Intermediate
Karen Coombes (Nov 2013)
Learn To Dance - by HeartBeat

Music Available at www.heartbeatduo.com.au
Also: on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/learn-to-dance/id638008591?i=638008595

Choreo - 10th November 2013 - Written by request for Carol & Grant Manson, HeartBeat

Weave left, Cross Rock recover, side shuffle Right
1,2,3,4Step R across L, step L to Side, Step Right behind Left, Step Left to the Side
5,6Cross/Rock R over L, recover on L,
7&8Side Shuffle Right R,L,R

Front, Side, Behind Quarter Right, Step Quarter Pivot, Cross Shuffle
1,2,3,4Step Left across R, Step R to Side, Step L behind R, Step R quarter R,
5,6Step Forward Left, quarter pivot Right,
7&8Cross Shuffle L, R, L

¾ Turn, Shuffle Forward Right, Left Rocking Chair
1,2Making a quarter turn left step back on Right, Step Forward on Left making a half turn L,
3&4Shuffle forward R,L,R,
5,6Rocking chair, step forward left, rock back onto right
7,8Step back onto left, rock forward onto Right

Step Half Pivot, Shuffle Forward, Hip Sways, R,L,R,L
1,2Step forward on Left, half pivot Right
3&4Shuffle forward Left, Right, Left
5,6,7,8Sway Hips, Right, Left, Right, Left


Tag - facing back - wall 6
TAG: 4 Count Tag Second time to the back Hip Sways
1,2,3,4Sway hips Right, Left, Right, Left

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