Alison Johnstone (Nuline dance) and Adeline Cheng (Nuline Dance Malaysia) Jan 2014
"Firestarter" by Samantha Jade [iTunes]

Tag: Easy 4 count tag end of Wall 5
Start: On Vocals (8 seconds)

(1-8) Pivot ½ Over Left, ½ Over Left – Right Back Shuffle, walk Back Left, Right, Left Coaster Step
1, 2Step forward Right, Pivot ½ over Left
3&4½ over Left- Shuffle back Right, left, Right
5, 6,Walk back Left, Walk Back Right
7&8Step Back Left, Step Right next to left, Step Left forward (Coaster Step)

(9-16) Side Right, Hold, Left Beside Right (&), Side Right, Touch Left, Rolling Vine Left, Scuff
1, 2Step Right to side, Hold
&3, 4Step Left beside Right (&), Step Right to side, Touch Left beside Right
5, 6¼ turn Left stepping forward Left, ½ turn Left stepping back on Right
7, 8¼ Turn Left stepping Left to side, Scuff Right past Left (Rolling Vine)

(17-24) Rock Forward, Recover, ½ Right Turn Shuffle, Pivot ¼ Right, Cross Shuffle (9.00)
1, 2Rock forward on Right, Recover on Left
3&4Step ¼ Right, Step Left together (&), Step ¼ Right (Right Half Turn Shuffle)
5, 6Step Forward on Left, ¼ turn over Right
7&8Cross Left over Right, Step Right to side(&), Cross Left over Right (Cross Shuffle)

(25-32) Monterey ¼ Right, Left Heel Forward, Switch Right (&4), Right beside Left (&), Rock Forward, Recover, ¾ Left Shuffle (3.00)
1, 2Touch Right to side, ¼ turn over Right stepping on Right (Monterey Turn)
3&4&Left heel forward, Close (&), Right heel forward, Close (&)
5, 6Rock forward on Left, Recover on Right
7&8¾ turn over Left shoulder stepping Left, Right (&), Left (3/4 turn shuffle)

(33-40) Side Right, Together, Shuffle Forward, Left Together, Shuffle Back (Modified Rumba’s)
1, 2Step Right to side, Step Left beside Right
3&4Step forward Right, Step Left together, Step forward Right (Shuffle)
5, 6Step Left to side, Step Right beside Left
7&8Step Back Left, Step Right together, Step back Left (Shuffle)

(41-48) Rock Back Right, Recover, Step Forward, Hold, Step Left beside Right (&)Pivot ½ Over Left, Walk Right, Left (9.00)
1, 2Rock Back on Right, Recover on Left
3, 4&Step forward on Right, Hold, Step left beside Right (&)
5, 6Step forward on Right, Pivot ½ over Left
7, 8Walk Forward Right, Left

(49-56) Jazz Jump Out Out, Hold, In In Hold, Pivot ¼ Over Left, Cross Shuffle (6.00)
&1, 2Small Jump Right to side (&), Left to side, Hold (Jazz Jump)
&3, 4Small Jump Right back in (&), Left Back in, Hold (Jazz Jump)
5, 6Step forward on Right, Pivot ¼ over Left
7&8Cross Right over Left, Step Left to side, Cross Right over left (Cross Shuffle)

(57-64) Side Left, Right Behind, Side Left (&), Cross Right, Side Left, Rock Back, Recover, Right Kick Ball Change
1, 2&Step Left to side, Step Right Behind Left, Step Left to Side (&)
3,4Cross Right over left, Step Left to side
5, 6Rock back on Right, Recover on Left
7&8Small kick forward Right, Step on ball on Right (&), Step on Left (Kick Ball Step)


*** TAG End Wall 5 Facing 6.00 Wall***

1, 2Step Right diagonally forward, Drag Left towards Right
3, 4Step Left diagonally forward, Drag Right towards Left

***then start again ***

END OF DANCE: Wall 6 complete the dance - you will be facing front dance the 1st 6 counts of the dance (Pivot ½ and ½ Shuffle, Walk Back Back ) WOOOOOO Big finish!!

We hope you enjoy our dance


Last Revision - 12th Jan 2014