King of Clubs

Beginner / Intermediate
Duke Alexander - January 2014
Drink Drank Drunk by Cowboy Troy ( Live Video Version ) iTunes

[1-8] Kick & Point , Kick & Point , Right Sailor Step , Left Sailor Step
1&2Kick RF , Step on RF , Point LF to side left
3&4Kick LF , Step on LF , Point RF to side right
5&6Step back on RF,step Forward on LF , Step forward on RF p right to place
7&8Step back on LF,step Forward on RF , Step forward on LF

[9-16] Rock Recover , Shuffle Back, ½ turn , ½ turn , Left Coaster Step
1-2Step Forward RF ,Replace wieght on To LF
3&4Shuffle Back stepping R-L-R
5-6Turn ½ Left Stepping forward LF, Turn ½ Left Stepping back on RF
7&8Step LF back , Step RF back , Step Forward LF

[17-24] Boogie Walks Forward
1&2Step forward Right with hips R-L-R
3&4Step forward Left with hips L-R-L
5&6Step forward Right with hips R-L-R
7&8Step forward Left with hips L-R-L

[25-32] Rock Forward Recover , Shuffle ¼ Right , Weave Right
1-2Rock Forward RF , Recover Back to LF
3&4Shuffle1/4 turning Right stepping R-L-R
5-6Cross LF over Right, Step side on to RF
7-8Step LF Next to RF, Touch RF next to LF



Last Revision - 17th Jan 2014