High Intermediate
Amy Glass (USA) - January 2014
Demons - Imagine Dragons : (iTunes)

32 count intro

[1-8] Large Step Back R, Side Rock Recover Cross, ½ Turn L, Forward R, Spiral, Forward R
1Step R back
2&3Rock L to L side, recover weight on R, cross L over R
4Turn ¼ L Stepping R back (9:00)
5Turn ¼ L Stepping L forward (6:00)
6Step R forward
7Step L slightly forward turning full turn R (spiral turn, weight on L)
8Step R slightly forward

[9-16] Press L, Back R, L, R, 5/8 L with Sweep, Cross Back, Sway, Sway
1Press L to diagonal (4:30)
2&3Run back R, L, R (4:30)
4-5Turn 5/8 L while stepping L forward and sweeping R (9:00)
6&Cross R over L, step L back
7-8Step R to R and sway R, Sway L

[17-24] Step to Diagonal, Step Pivot Full Turn, Back, Back, Behind, ¼ Turn, Cross, Hitch 3/8 Turn
1Step R to L diagonal (7:30)
2&3Step L forward, pivot ½ R, Turn ½ R stepping L back
4-5Back R, L (7:30)
6&7Step R behind L, Turn ¼ L stepping L forward, Cross R over L (4:30)
8Turn 3/8 R hitching L knee slightly (9:00)

[25-32] Step, Mambo Step, 1 & ½ Turn L, Sailor, Mambo Step
1Step L forward
2&3Rock forward R, Recover L, Step back R
4&5Turn ½ L stepping L forward (3:00), Turn ½ L stepping R back (9:00), Turn ½ L sweeping L from front to back (3:00)
6&7Step L behind R, R to R side, L slightly forward (3:00)
8& (1) Rock forward R, recover L, (large step back R to start dance)