Bye Bye

Phrased Beginner / Intermediate
Veno Ng - January 2014
zai jian by Xiao Hu Dui

Sequence: AABBA Tag AABB Tag ABB B- ( 24cts )
Start after 52 cts

Part A 32 cts
L Forward Toe Struts , R Cross Toe Strut , L Side Rock , L Cross shuffle
1-2-3-4Step L toe forward, Drop L heel down, Cross R toe over L , Drop R heel down
5-6 7&8Rock L to L , Recover weight on R, Cross L over R, Step R to R , Cross L over R ( 12.00 )

R Forward Toe Struts , L Cross Toe Strut , R Side Rock , R Cross shuffle
1-2-3-4Step R toe forward, Drop R heel down, Cross L toe over R , Drop L heel down
5-6 7&8Rock R to R , Recover weight on L, Cross R over L, Step L to L , Cross R over L ( 12.00 )

L Rocking Chair, L Forward Rock, Shuffle 1/2 Turns L
1-2-3-4Rock L forward, Recover weight on R, Rock L backward , Recover weight on R
5-6 7&8Rock L forward , Recover weight on R, Shuffle 1/2 turn L stepping on LRL ( 6.00 )

R Rocking Chair, R Forward Rock, R Coaster Step
1-2-3-4Rock R forward, Recover weight on L, Rock R backward , Recover weight on L
5-6 7&8Rock R forward , Recover weight on L, Step back on R , Step L next to R, step R forward ( 6.00 )

Part B 32 cts
Cross, Side, L Sailor, Cross, Side, 1/2 R Sailor Forward
1-2 3&4Cross L over R, Step R to R, Cross L behind R , Step R to R, Step L to L
5-6 7&8Cross R over L, Step L to L, makes 1/2 R cross R behind L, step L to L, Step R forward ( 6.00 )

L & R Lindy
1&2 3-4L Chasse stepping LRL, Rock back on R, recover weight on L
5&6 7-8R Chasse stepping RLR, Rock back on L, recover weight on R ( 6.00 )

Forward Walk LRL, pivot 1/2 R Turn, Dialgonal Forward L, Touch R, Diagonal Bump 2
1-2-3-4Walk forward on L& R , Step L forward, Pivot 1/2 R Turn, Step R forward ( 12.00 )
5-6-7-8Forward big step L to diagonal L ( 10.30 ) , Touch R next to L, Bump hip to diagonal R twice ( 10.30 )

Dialgonal Back R, Touch L, Diagkonal Bump 2, Jazzbox 1/2 L Turn
1-2Big step back on R to R diagonal ( 4.30 ), Touch L next to R ( Body facing 1.30 )
3-4Bump hip to diagonal L twice ( Body still facing 1.30 )
5-6-7-8Square to 12.00, Cross L over R, 1/4 L step R back, 1/4 L step L forward, step R next to L ( 6.00 )

Tag: 4 cts
1-2-3-4Cross L over R, unwind 1/2 turn R over 3 cts. ( Weight on R )

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