Toca Toca Toca CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Beginner / Intermediate
Annemarie Dunn (Jan 2014)
Toca Toca by Fly Project

START after 48 counts

R&L Mambo, FWD R lockstep, ½ R turn Rockstep
1&2Right side step-transfer weight to left-step right next to left
3&4Left side step-transfer weight to right-step left next to right
5&6Forward stepping right-step left behind right-step right
7-8Step L forward, ½ R pivot turning onto R foot (6:00)

L&R Side Rockstep crosses, ¼ L turn into Fwd L lockstep, Full L turn or 2ct walk
1&2Traveling forward – L side step-transfer weight to Right-cross L over R
3&4repeat – R side step-transfer weight to Left-cross R over L
5&6Forward stepping Left- step Right behind left-step Left
7-8Full turn – ½ L turn onto right foot – ½ L turn onto left foot (3:00)
ALT: 2 forward walks

2 R Hiprolls w/ sidesteps & tap, ¼ L turn into 2 L Hiprolls w/ sidesteps & tap
1-4step R to side w/ R hiproll, step L next to R, step R to side w/ R hiproll, tap L next to R
5-8¼ L turn into L side step w/ L hiproll, step R next to L, step L to side w/ L hiproll, ¼ L turn into tap R next to L (9:00)

4 Swivel steps, 4ct Full Paddle turn
1-4R cross over L, L crossover R, R cross over L, L cross over R
5-8Use R foot to tap & push 4X for a full L turn (9:00)

TAG – continue 4ct Paddle turn before starting walls 4 & 5

TAG HOLD or Hipsways 2cts before starting wall 8

Created 01/30/14