High Intermediate NC2
James Nyström (SWE) & Lena Swahn (SWE) - March 2014
Undo - Sanna Nielsen

Note: The song is Sweden's contribution to Eurovision Song Contest 2014
Intro: 8 counts. Start dance on vocals, approx. 8 sec. from first beat.

[1-8&] R Dorothy, L Dorothy, Rock Recover, 5 x ½ Turn R
1,2&On right diagonal step R fwd, lock L behind R, forward R
3,4&On left diagonal step L fwd left, lock R behind L, forward L
5,6Rock fwd R, Recover on L (12:00)
&7&8&½ turn R fwd on R, ½ turn R back on L, ½ turn R fwd on R, ½ turn R back on L, ½ turn R fwd on R (6:00)
Non turning option 7&8&: run, run, run, run (6:00)

[9-17] ¼ R with L basic, Step R to R, Sailor ¾ turn L, Full unwind R, Sweep, Behind Side Cross
1-2&¼ turn R Large step L to L dragging R towards, Rock/step R behind L, Recover and slightly cross/step L over R (9:00)
** Restart #2** on wall 5 (9:00)
3Step R to R (9:00)
4&5¾ turn L Sailor Cross L,R,L (12:00)
6Unwind full R turn, weight on L, (12:00)
Non turning option 6: Sweep with R from back to front, weight on L (12:00)
7Sweep with R from front to back weight on L(12:00)
8&1R behind L, step L to L, cross R over L (12:00)

[18-24] Full unwind L, Sweep, Behind Side Cross, ¼ turn L, Full tripple turn
2Full unwind L turn, weight on R, (12:00)
Non turning option 2: Sweep with L from back to front, weight on R (12:00)
3Sweep with L from front to back (12:00)
4&5L behind R, step R to R, cross L over R (12:00)
6¼ turn L, back on R (9:00)
7&8On spot full turn L tripple turn L,R,L (9:00)
** Restart #1** on wall 3 (3:00)

[25-32&] Cross out out, Cross out out Cross, 2 x ¼ turns R, Cross out out Cross, Side, ½ turn, together
1&2Cross R over L, Step L to L, Step R to R slightly traveling forward (9:00)
&3&4Cross L over R, Step R to R, Step L to L, cross R Over L (9:00)
&5¼ R step back on L, ¼ R step fwd on R (3:00)
&6&7Cross L over R, Step R to R, Step L to L, cross R Over L slightly traveling forward (3:00)
&Step L to L (3:00)
8&½ turn R on L, and sweep with R from front to back step on R, step L together (9:00)

Start again, have fun

RESTART´s ** Restart #1** on wall 3 (3:00), ** Restart #2** on wall 5 (9:00)

TAG: 1-2 Rock slightly forward on R, recover on L, Happens after wall first (9:00)

ENDING: On wall six (start 6:00) dancing up to count 11 (3:00), just do ¼ turn L salorstep (12:00)

Contact: stockholm@linedancers.com