Faith of The Heart

Dirk Leibing (DE) - March 2014
Where My Heart Will Take Me (Theme from "Enterprise") by Russel Watson (4:08)

Basic Nightclub Right, Turn, Behind, Side, Cross, Recover, Side, Cross, Turn, Run, Run
1-2&Step RF right(1), Step LF behind RF(2), Cross RF in Front of LF(&)
3Step LF left while turning ½ right on ball of LF & sweep RF(3)(6:00)
4&Step RF behind LF(4), Step LF left(&)
5&Cross Rock RF in front of LF(5), Recover on LF(&)
6&Step RF right(6), Cross LF in front of RF(&)
# Restart here in wall 5
7 Step RF right and do a ¾ Spiral Turn to the left(7)(9:00
8&Step LF forward(8), Step RF forward(&)

Press, Recover, Turn, Step, Step Turn, Turn, Back & Sweep(2x), Behind, Side
1-2&Press LF forward(1), Recover on RF(2), Turn ½ left stepping LF forward(&)(3:00)
3Step RF forward(3)
4&Step LF forward(4), Turn ½ right(&)(9:00)
5Turn another ½ Turn right stepping LF back & sweep RF(3:00)
6Step RF back & Sweep LF(6),
# add LF behind RF on (&) and Restart here in wall 2
7Step LF back & Sweep RF(7)
8&Step RF behind LF(8), Step LF left turning into the diagonal(&)(1:30)

Step(Hitch), Coaster Step, Run, Run, Turn, Back, Back, Turn, Run, Run, Turn
1Step RF forward & Hitch LF(1)
2&3Step LF back(2), Close RF next to LF(&), Step LF forward(3)
4&5Step RF forward(4), Step LF forward(&), Step RF right turning 1/8 left(5)(12:00)
6&7Step LF back turning 1/8 left(10:30), Step RF back, Step LF left turning 1/8 left(7)(9:00)
8&Step RF forward turning 1/8 left(8)(7:30), Step LF forward(&),

Basic Nightclub Right, Turn ¾ left, Run back(3x), Coaster Step, Full Turn
1-2&Step RF right turning 1/8 left(6:00), Step LF behind RF(2), Cross RF in Front of LF(&)
3Step LF ¼ left(3:00) & turn another ½ Turn left(9:00) on ball of LF
4&5Run back(right(4)-left(&)-right(5))
# do a ¼ turn right on & count and Restart here in wall 6
6&7Step LF back(6), Close RF next to LF(&), Step LF forward(7)
8&Turn ½ left stepping RF back(8)(3:00), Turn ½ left stepping LF forward(&)(9:00)

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Last Update - 20th March 2014