Ball & Chain

Michelle Risley (UK) - March 2014
Ball & Chain – Connie Britton & Will Chase (Soundtrack 'Music of Nashville')

Walk, Walk, Kick Ball Step, Walk, Walk, Kick Ball Step
1-2Walk fwd. Right, Left
3&4Kick Right fwd. step Right beside Left, step fwd Left
5-6Walk fwd. Right, Left
7&8Kick Right fwd. step Right beside Left, step fwd Left

Rock Step, ½ Shuffle, Full Turn, ¼ Pivot
1 2Rock right foot forward, recover weight to left (12.00)
3&4Make ½ turn right stepping forward on right, step left next to right, step forward on right (6.00)
5-6Make 1/2 turn Right stepping back on Left. Make 1/2 turn Right stepping forward on Right.
7-8Step Forward Left, ¼ pivot turn to Right (9oc)
Alternative: count 5-6 Walk Forward, Right, Left

Cross, Side , Behind & Heel & Cross, Side , Behind & Heel
1-2Cross Left over Right Step R foot to R side ,
3&4cross L foot behind R foot, Step R foot in place , dig L heel to L diagonal,
& 56step L foot in place , cross R foot over left foot, Step L foot to L side ,
7&8Step R foot behind L, Step L in place, step L foot to L side, dig R to R diagonal

& Cross, ½ Monterey, Brush, Shuffle, ¾ Pivot
&1Step R to Place, Cross Left over right
2-4Point Right to Right Side, ½ Right bring Right to place, Brush Left beside right
5&6Left Shuffle Forward (3oc)
7-8Step Right forward, pivot ¾ turn over left shoulder (weight on left) (6oc)

Side, Hold, Hinge ½, Hold, Hinge ½, Hold, Hinge ½ , Hold
1-2Step right foot to right side, Hold (click fingers at waist) (6oc)
3-4Hinge ½ turn to the right on ball of right, stepping left foot to left side, Hold (Click Up) (12oc)
5-6Hinge ½ turn to the left on ball of right foot stepping left foot to left side, Hold (Click Down) (6oc)
7-8Hinge ½ turn to the left on ball of left foot stepping right foot to right side, Hold (Click Up) (12oc)

Left Sailor, Right Sailor, Toe Unwind 3/4 , Kick & Touch
1&2Cross left behind right, step right to side, step left to side
3&4Cross right behind left, step left to side, step right to side
5-6Cross left behind right, unwind a ¾ turn (weight on left) (3oc)*
7&8Kick Right Forward, step back on Right, Tap the Left across Right
* Tag/Restart 2nd wall – replace count 6 with 1/2 Turn to Front Wall, 7&8 Kick Right, Jump Back Restart dance facing Front Wall

2 Dorothy Steps, Pivot 1/2 , Hook, Lock Step
1-2&Step Left Diagonally forward , Lock Right behind Left. Step Left Diagonally forward Left.
3-4&Step Right Diagonally forward, Lock Left behind Right. Step Right Diagonally forward Right.
5-6Step forward Left, making ½ turn right, (Keep Weight on Left) Hook Right infront of Left
7&8Right Lock Step Forward (9oc)

Full Turn, Cross Rock, Side Rock, Cross, 1/4 Turn, Side
1-2Turn 1/2 Turn Right, Stepping Back on Left, Turn 1/2 Right, Stepping Forward on Right (9oc)
3-4Cross Rock Left Over Right, Recover on Right
5-6Side Rock Left to Left Side, Recover on Right
7&8Cross Left over Right, Make 1/4 Left Stepping back on Right, Step Left to Side (6oc)

Start Again

*Tag / Restart: 2nd Wall, End of 6th section, replace count 5-6, 7&8 (Unwind 3/4, Kick & Touch) with:-
5-6Unwind 1/2 turn to the Front Wall
7&8Kick Right Forward, Little Jump Back, Right-Left (Kick Out-Out),
Restart from beginning facing (12oc)

To Finish with Music - replace count 16 (1/4 turn) with a ½ turn to the FRONT & Step Forward