Improver / Intermediate
Rachel Parsons - April 2014
Timber (feat. Kesha) - Pitbull

No Tags No Restarts

Point, Cross, Point, Cross, Point, Cross, Corkscrew
1-4Point right toe to right side, Cross right foot over the left foot, Point left toe to left side, Cross left foot over the right side.
5-6Point right toe to right side, Cross right over the left foot,
7-8Corkscrew--> Pivot full turn to the left on balls of feet (2 count)

Shuffle right, shuffle left, 1/2 turn, 1/2 turn
1&2Shuffle fwd. R,L,R
3&4Shuffle fwd. L,R,L
5-6Step fwd. R, half turn to the L
7-8Step fwd. R, half turn to the L

Grapevine right with heel jacks, Grapevine left with 1/4 turn left.
1-2Step right side, step left back
&3&4Step right side, touch left heel diagonally fwd., step left together, cross right over left.
5-6Step left side, step right back
7-8Step left side with 1/4 left, Scuff right fwd.

Stomp, Stomp, Heel and Heel, Scuff hitch side.
1-4Stomp right, hold, stomp left, hold
5&6&Right heel fwd., right together, left heel fwd., left together
7&8Scuff right fwd., raise right knee into hitch, step down to right side

Hip bump right x2, Hip bump left x2, Hip roll 1/4 turn L.
1-4Hip bump twice to right side, hip bump twice to left side
5-8Hip roll with 1/4 turn to the left (swing hips right, left, right,left)


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