Aw Naw

Sue Smyth (UK) - May 2014
Aw Naw - Chris Young : (CD: Am)

16 Count Intro

Sec 1: Side Drag,Behind Side Cross Side, Left Sailor,Right Sailor ¼ Turn
1-2Step R To R Side, Drag Left Beside R
&3&4Step Left Behind R, Step R To R Side, Cross Left Over R, Step R To R Side
5&6Step L Behind R, Step R To R Side, Step L To L Side
7&8Step R Behind L, Step L To Left Side, ¼ Turn R Stepping Fwd On R

Sec 2: Point Point Cross And Heel,Point Point Cross And Heel
1-2Point L Foot Diagonally Fwd Over R, Point L Foot Diagonally Back
3&4&Cross L Over R, Step R To R Side, Left Heel To L Diag , Step Weight Back On L
5-6Point R Foot Diagonally Fwd Over L, Point R Foot Diagonally Back
7&8&Cross R Over L, Step L To L Side, R Heel To R Diag,Step Weight On R

Sec 3: Cross ½ Unwind, Right Shuffle Fwd, Left Shuffle Fwd, Jump Out Out, In In
1-2Cross L Over R, Unwind ½ Turn To R,Hitching Right Leg Up( Keeping Weight On Left)
3&4Shuffle Fwd On R L R
5&6Shuffle Fwd On L R L
&7&8Jump Out Out On Right And Left, Jump In In On Right And Left, (Weight Now On Left)

Sec 4: Scuff Hitch Stomp ,Touch And Heel And,Rock Fwd Left Rec,Left Coaster Step
1&2Scuff R Foot Fwd, Hitch Right Leg Up, Stomp Right Foot Infront Of Left
3&4&Touch Left Toe Behind Right, Step Back On Left, Heel Dig Right Fwd, Step Right Beside Left
5-6Rock Fwd On Left, Recover On Right
7&8Step Back On Left, Step Right Beside Left, Step Fwd On Left

Sec 5: Step On Right Pivot ½ Turn L, Shuffle ½ Turn L, ½ Toe Turn Strut Left, Right Shuffle Fwd
1-2Step Fwd On R Pivot ½ Turn Left, Weight On Left
3&4Shuffle ½ Turn Left On R L R,
5-6Put Left Toe Back Turn ½ Turn Left, Replacing Weight On Left
7&8Right Shuffle Fwd On R L R

Sec 6: Step Pivot ¼ Turn, Cross Shuffle, Toe Switches,Heel Digs
1-2Step Fwd On Left, Pivot ¼ Turn Right,(Weight On Right)
3&4Cross Left Over Right, Step Right To Right Side, Cross Left Over Right
5&6&Point R To Right Side, Step Right Beside Left, Point Left To Left Side,Step Left Beside Right
7&8&Dig Right Heel Fwd, Step Right Beside Left, Dig Left Heel Fwd, Step Left Beside Right

Ending You Will Be Facing 3 O’clock On Sec 3 Cross Unwind Slowly ¾ To Face The Front