Move Like a Dancer

High Beginner
Annesofie Andersen - April 2014
Moves Like Jagger (feat. Christina Aguilera) - Maroon 5

Intro: 16 Counts from first drumbeat

Section 1: Walk R, Walk L, Point RLR, Cross, Back, Side
1-2Step R fwd(1), Step L fwd(2)
3&4&Point R to right side(3) Step R next to L(&) Point L to left side(4) Step L next to R(&)
5-6Point R to right side(5) Cross R over L(6)
7-8Step L back(7) Step R to right side(8)

Section 2: Siderock L, Cross shuffle, Pivot ½ L, Kickball cross
1-2Rock L to left(1) Recover weight on R(2)
3&4Cross L over R(3) Step R beside L(&) Cross L over R(4)
5-6Step R fwd(5) Turn ½ L(6) Weight on L
7&8Kick R fwd(7) Step R beside L(&) Cross L over R

Section 3: Big step R, Drag, Coaster, Big step L, Drag, Shuffle L
1-2Take a big step to right(1) Drag L next R(2)
3&4Step R back(3)L next to R(&) Step R fwd(4)
5-6Take a big step left(5) Drag R next to L(6)
7&8Step L fwd(7) Step R beside L(&) Step L fwd(8)

Section 4: Side touch ¼ turn L, Back rock, Kickball step
1-2Step R fwd(1) Touch L next to R while making a ¼ turn left(2)
3-4Step L to left side(3) Touch R next to L(4)
5-6Rock R back(5) Recover weight on L(6)
7&8Kick R fwd(7) Step R next to L(&) Step L fwd(8)
Tag: Wall 10

Tag: 4 counts at the end of wall 10:
Rocking Chair R:
1-2Rock R fwd(1) Recover weight on L(2)
3-4Rock R back(3) Recover weight on L(4)

Begin again and Enjoy!