Sugar Moon

Jan Brookfield (July 2014) 
"Sugar Moon" by KD Lang (CD : Shadowland)

NB. Start after 15 secs on the word “time”

Alternative music : “Sugar, Sugar” by The Archies – start on vocals

Section 1 : Step, scuff, step, scuff, hip bumps x 4
1,2: Step R forward, scuff L forward
3,4: Step L forward, scuff R forward
5,6,7,8: Step R to right side, bumping hips R,L,R,L

Section 2 : Chasse right, rock back, recover, vine left, scuff
9&10: Chasse to right on R,L,R
11,12: Rock back on L, recover onto R
13-16: Step L to side, R behind L, step L to side, scuff R forward

Section 3 : Rocking chair, paddle 1/8 turns left x 2
17-20: Rock R forward, recover onto L, rock R back, recover onto L
21,22: Step R to side, push out R hip allow L foot to swivel 1/8 turn left
23,24: Step R to side, push out R hip allow L foot to swivel another 1/8 turn left (9 o'clock)

Section 4 : Jazz box, stomp, kick, step back, together
25-28: Step R across in front of L, step back on L, step R to side, step L next to R
29,30: Stomp R in place, kick R forward
31,32: Step back on R, step on L next to R


*** Optional ending for "Sugar Moon" music : Dance counts 1-6 as normal : Step, scuff, step, scuff, bump hips right-left
Then take a long step on R to right side, spread arms out to sides, hold and smile!

Last Update - 4th Aug 2014