Shake That Bass

Felicia Harris Jones (USA) - April 2014
All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor

Alt. Music: The Shake by Neal McCoy

*Dance was originally choreographed for The Shake.

Shuffle side, Back rock, Shuffle side, Back rock, ¼ turn
1&2Step left to side, right next to left, left to side
3,4Rock back on the right, recover to the left
5&6Step right to side, left next to right, right to side
7,8Rock back on the left making a ¼ turn to the left, recover to the right (9:00)

Shuffle forward, Pivot half turn x2
1&2Shuffle forward left, right, left
3,4Step forward on right, ½ turn left (weight on left) (3:00)
5&6Shuffle forward right, left, right
7&8Step forward on left, ½ turn right (weight on right) (9:00)

Grapevine Left, touch, Grapevine right, ¼ turn, Brush
1,2,3,4Step left to side, right behind left, step left to side, touch right next to left
5,6,7,8Step right to side, left behind right, right ¼ turn, brush left forward (12:00)

Hip Bumps forward, Hip bumps Back, Hip rolls ¼ turn
1&2step forward on left while bumping left hip forward twice
3&4bump right hip back twice
5,6,7,8¼ turn right rolling hips (weight ends on right) (3:00)

REPEAT! (No Tags, No Restarts)