Yeah Baby

Donna Manning (USA) - July 2014
Yeah - Joe Nichols

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Sec.1 (1-8) Side, Back Rock, Recover, Side, Back Rock, Recover, Side, Weave
1, 2&, 3, 4&Step L to L side, R back rock, recover to L, Step R to R side, L back rock, recover to R
5, 6&7, 8Step L to L side, R behind L, L to L side, R cross over R, L to L side (12:00)

Sec.2 (9-17) Triple, Triple, ½ Turn, ¼ Turn, Step, Touch, Hook, Step
1&2, 3&4During these 4 counts you will make a ¼ Turn to the R to face [3:00] Step R fwrd, close L to R, Step R fwrd, Step L fwrd, Close R to L, Step L fwrd
5,6,7½ Turn L stepping R back, ¼ Turn L stepping L fwrd, step R fwrd(6:00)
8&1Touch toe of L fwrd, ankle height hook w/ L across R ankle, Step L fwrd (6:00)

Sec.3 (18-24) Point, Step, Point, Cross Rock, Recover, Back Rock, Recover, Cross Rock, Recover, Side, Together (count 1 of the beginning is a side step making this a side triple)
2,3,4Point toe of R to R side, Step R fwrd, Point toe of L to L side
5&6&7&Cross Rock L over R, recover to R, back rock L, recover to R, Cross rock L over R, recover to R
8&Step L to L side, close R to L (this count and ½ start the side triple) (6:00)

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