Hungry Hands

Newcomer Cha Cha
José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Michel Platje (NL) - August 2014
Hungry Hands - The Common Linnets

Restarts: 5th wall after 16 counts, and in the 10th wall after 24 counts

Shuffle, ½ lockstep backwards, rockstep, kick ball change
1RF step diagonal forward(13.30)
&LF step behind RF
2RF step forward
3LF step backwards ½ turn over right(19.30)
&RF step backwards
4LF step backwards
5RF rock back
6LF recover weight
7RF kick forward
&RF step back take weight
8LF point forward

Points, sailor step ¼ turn, Rock step, Shuffle, Rock step
&LF step next to RF
1RF point to right side
&RF next to LF
2LF point to left side
3LF step behind 3/8 turn left (15.00)
&RF next to LF
4LF step forward
5RF Rock forward
6LF recover
7RF step ¼ to right(18.00)
&LF step next to RF
8RF step to right side

Rock step, Shuffle, Step turn, Point
1LF rock step forward
2RF recover
3LF step to left side
&RF step next to LF
4LF step ¼ to left(15.00)
5RF step forward
6LF step ½ turn left(21.00)
7-8LF ¼ turn left (18.00) point RF to right side

Walk, jazz box, shuffle
1RF walk forward
3LF walk forward
5RF cross over LF
&LF step backwards
6RF step to right side
7LF step diagonal forward(19.30)
&RF step behind LF
8LF step forward.


Last Update - 20th Aug 2014