Come Back To Me CopperKnob - Linedance Stepsheets

Intermediate NC2S
Bill Larson, Sept 2014
Come Back To Me by Keith Urban. CD: Fuse 3:50 (136 bpm)

Weight on Left, Start 32 counts just after vocals V2 9.09.14– Turning CCW

S1. Side Rock Ball Cross, Side Rock Cross, 1/4 Turn, 1/4 Turn, Touch, Roll Full Turn
1,2Step R to side, Recover weight onto L
&3Step R beside L, Cross Step L over R
4&5Step R to side, Recover weight onto L, Cross / Step R over L
6turning 1/4 turn R, Step L back (3:00)
&turning 1/4 turn R, Step R to side (6:00)
7Tap / Point L toe to left side
8turning 1/4 turn L, Step weight on L (3:00)
&turning 1/4 turn L, Step R to side (12:00)
1turning 1/2 turn L, Step L to side (6:00)

S2. Step Ball Step, Shuffle Back, Step Turn Step, Shuffle Forward
2&3Step R beside L, Step L forward, Step R forward
4&Step back on L, Step R beside L
5Step back on L (hooking R heel up to L shin)
6&Step forward on R, turning 1/2 R Step L beside R (12:00)
7Step back on R
8Rock / Step forward on L, ***
&1Step R beside L, Step forward onto L

S3. Turn Side Shuffle, Cross Shuffle, Recover Turn, Turn Shuffle
2&3Turning 1/4 R, Shuffle to right side: Stepping R, L, R (3:00)
4&5Cross Shuffle to right: Stepping L, R, L
6Rock / Step back onto R
7turning 1/4 L, Step L forward (12:00)
8&1turning 1/4 L, Shuffle to right side: Stepping R, L, R (9:00)

S4. Back Rock 1/4 Turn, Step Pivot 3/4 Turn Step, Behind Side Cross, Side Together
2&Step L behind R, Rock weight onto R
3turning 1/4 turn L, Step L forward (6:00)
4&Step forward onto R, Pivot turn 1/2 turn L (weight on L 12:00)
5turning 1/4 turn L, Step R to side (9:00)
6&7Cross / Step L behind R, Step R to side, Cross / Step L over R
8&Step R to side, Step L beside R

Tag: After wall 1 (now facing 9:00) add Step R to side, then repeat Section 4 (Restart Wall 2 facing 9:00)

Restart: On wall 4 (facing 3:00) Dance Section 1 and then 8 counts of Section 2 ***,
then Restart dance (now facing 9:00)


Last Update – 19th Sept 2014