I Lived It

Dorthe Sorensen - November 2017
I Lived It - Blake Shelton : (iTunes)

*1 Tag after 32 wall 1, Rocking chair (4 counts)
**1 Restart on 5 wall after 4 counts, (Side, behind, 1/4 right, step down on left)
*** Ending: After Wall 9 step right fw, 1/4 turn left (12)

Intro: 16 counts (slow)

[1-8] Side, behind, chasse 1/4 right, step 1/2 turn right, shuffle Left fw
1-2Step right to right side, left behind right
3&4Side together 1/4 turn right (r,l,r) **(Restart on 5 wall (3))
5-6Step left fw, 1/2 turn right
7&8step fw left, together right, step fw left (l,r,l) (9)

[9-16] Step fw, 1/4 turn left, Behind side cross, 1/4 turn right, 1/2 turn right, Walk fw l,r
1-2Step right fw, left 1/4 turn (weight on left)
3&4Right behind left, left to side, right cross over left
5-61/4 turn right, step back on left, 1/2 turn right fw on left
7-8Walk 2 step fw, (l,r) (3)

[17-24] Cross, 1/4 turn left, Shuffle 1/2 turn left, Rockstep fw, L shuffle back
1-2Cross left over right, 1/4 turn left, step back on Right
3&41/2 turn left, step side together fw (l,r,l)
5-6Rock fw on right, recover to left
7&8step right back, together, step right back (r,l,r) (6)

[25-32] Back rock, 1/4 turn r, L Chasse, Behind side, walk 2 step fw
1-2Rock back on left, recover on right
3&41/4 turn, left side, together, side (l,r,l)
5-6Right behind left, left to left side
7-8Walk 2 step fw (r,l) (9)

*(Tag after wall1, Rocking chair)

Have fun

Thank you Bente Lasota, Dancing Neighbors, DK for being my friend and support.

Contact: dorthe.a32@gmail.com