Dance Monkey

Alison Johnstone (AUS) - August 2019
Dance Monkey - Tones And I : (Single)

Start: On Vocals “oh my” - Clockwise Rotation

(1-8) Diagonal Shuffle Fwd x2, Pivot ½, Walk, Walk 6.00
1 & 2Step diagonally fwd Rt, Step Lft next to Rt (&), Step diagonally fwd Rt (Shuffle)
3 & 4Step forward Lft, Step Rt next to Lft (&), Step diagonally fwd Lft (Shuffle)
5, 6Step fwd on Rt straightening to 12, Pivot ½ turn over Lft transfer weight to Lft (6.00)
7, 8Walk fwd on Rt, Walk fwd on Lft

(9-16) Side Mambo, Side Mambo, ¼ Turn Jazz Box 9.00
1 & 2Rock Rt to side, Recover on Lft (&), Step Rt beside Lft (Mambo)
3 & 4Rock Lft to side, Recover on Rt (&), Step Lft beside Rt (Mambo)
5678Cross Rt over Lft, Step back on Lft turning ¼ over Rt, Step Rt to side, Step Lft together (Jazz Box) (9.00)

(17-24) ½ Volta Turn over Right, Syncopated Rocks 3.00
1&2&Step on Rt, Lft toe behind (&), Step on Rt, Lft toe behind (&),
3&4Step on Rt, Lft toe behind (&), Step on Rt,
5&6&Rock fwd on Lft, Recover Rt (&), Rock Back on Lft, Recover Rt (&)
7&8Rock fwd on Lft, Recover Rt (&), Rock Back on Lft
(Complete a ½ circle turn over right shoulder during counts 1-4 in this section)

(25-32) Walk Back, Back, Coaster Step, Forward Rock, Side Rock, Behind, Side Cross.
1, 2Walk back on Rt, Walk back on Lft
3&4Step back on Rt, Step Lft together (&), Step fwd on Rt (Coaster Step)
5&6&Rock forward Lft, Recover Rt (&), Rock Lft to side, Recover Rt (&)
7&8Step Lft behind Rt, Step side Rt (&), Step Lft in front of Rt


END OF DANCE: You will be facing the back wall and will hear that the music is coming to an end .
Dance to the end of count 30 and on the last 2 counts of the dance (behind side front)
Simply dance these as a ½ turn sailor over Lft
You shall be facing front again …..Step nice and strong on RT - voila!!!

This is a fab fab fun song from a “just found” Australian busker who has set Australia on fire with this catchy track.
Have fun and enjoy with all levels on the floor ;-)