When You Smile

Absolute Beginner
José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - September 2019
When You Smile - Rune Rudberg

Intro : 32 counts
Tag after wall 9 (facing 09.00)

S1: Step/Touch 2X, Step/Together, Step Flick
1-2RF step right diagonal forward right, LF touch together
3-4LF step diagonal back left, RF touch together
5-6RF step right diagonal back right, LF step together
7-8RF step diagonal back right , LF flick behind RF

S2: 1/8 Turn R, Side L, Touch Together R, 1/8 Turn R, Side R, Touch Together L, Vine With 1/4 Turn L, Scuff R
1-2make 1/8 turn right stepping LF left, RF touch next to LF (01.30)
3-4make 1/8 turn right stepping RF right, LF touch next to RF (03.00)
5-6LF step left , RF cross behind LF
7-8make 1/4 turn left stepping LF forward, RF scuff next to LF (12.00)

S3: Rock Forward R/Recover L, Back R, Hold, Back L, Together R, Forward L, Hold
1-2RF rock forward, recover onto LF
3-4RF step back, hold
5-6LF step back, RF step together
7-8LF step forward, hold
S4: Heel/Toe Struts Forward (R,L) With 1/4 Turn L, Jazz Box
1-2RF step forward on heel, RF drop toes onto floor (taking weight onto RF)
3-4make 1/4 turn left stepping LF forward on heel, LF drop toes onto floor (taking weight onto LF) (09.00)
5-6RF cross in front of LF, LF step back
7-8RF step right, LF step forward

TAG: The tag will occur after wall 9, facing 09.00 o'clock
Hip Bump R, Hold, Hip Bump L, Hold, Hip Bumps R, L, R, L
1-2-3-4bump hips right, hold, bump hips left, hold
5-6-7-8bump hips right, left, right, left