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Two Steppin' (Sitting Version) (P)  Suzanne Hoffmann (DE)

12 Count    1 Wall    ultra beginner seated dance   Music: Two Steppin' Mind - Tim McGraw

Two Times Love In Another Language  Urban Danielsson (SWE) - January 2017

    64 Count    4 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Hier Is My Hart (Amore Amore) - Manie Jackson : (CD: Manie Jackson)

The Bonnie, (aka Ability To Swing)  Alvie Aguilar (USA) & Angie Aguilar - March 2016

    32 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Ability to Swing - Patti Austin

The Crescent Moon (月彎彎) (zh)  Amy Yang (TW) - October 2014

    32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: The Crescent Moon by Jeannie Jin-Yan Hsieh (月彎彎/謝金燕)

The House Of Negotiable Affections  Peter Metelnick (UK)

34 Count    4 Wall       Music: House Of Negotiable Affections - Zona Jones

The Shadoogie (The Shadows Boogie)  Adrian Churm (UK)

48 Count    4 Wall    beginner/intermediate   Music: Shadoogie - The Shadows

The Stroma Dance (跳舞吧!) (zh)  Niels Poulsen (DK) - May 2010

    0 Count    0 Wall    Advanced   Music: Alors On Dance - Stromae

The Beauty of Love (Indahnya Cinta)  mBah Wir (INA) - June 2021

    32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: Indahnya Cinta - Los Morenos

0 Count    2 Wall    intermediate   Music: Marie's The Name - John Dean

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down  Laurent Chalon (BEL) - July 2017

    72 Count    2 Wall    Novice   Music: The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - Camille Sanders

The Seven Lotus (Qi Duo Lian Hua)   Kong Qingling - March 2015

    32 Count    2 Wall    Intermediate   Music: Qi Duo Lian Hua by Huo Zun

The Storm of Love (愛的暴風雨)  Tina Chen Sue-Huei (TW) & Juilin Chen (TW) - June 2021

    32 Count    4 Wall    Improver   Music: The Storm of Love (愛的暴風雨) (DJ霄霄粵語版) - Meng Han (夢涵)

The Sweet Eighteen (有影美) (zh)  Nina Chen (TW) & Belinda Yoong (MY) - November 2017

    32 Count    2 Wall    High Beginner   Music: 有影美 (台語) / 陳雷

T.A.C. (That Ain't Country)   Fred Buckley (CAN) & Vivienne Scott (CAN) - September 2016

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner / Improver   Music: That Ain’t Country - Aaron Lewis : (iTunes and amazon)

Tangiang Ni Dainang (Mother's Pray)  Hotma Tiarma Purba (INA) - June 2019

    32 Count    4 Wall    Easy Intermediate   Music: Tangiang Ni Dainang - Tety Rosalin Hutapea

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner Tango   Music: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Tango / 33 BPM) - Ross Mitchell, His Band and Singers : (CD: All Night Long)

Tell Me One Day (Dis Moi Quun Jour)  Tina Chen Sue-Huei (TW) & Juilin Chen (TW) - July 2020

    64 Count    2 Wall    High Beginner   Music: Dis-moi qu'un jour - Alain Morisod & Sweet People

Tequila Makes Clothes Fall Off (fr)  Marie Sørensen (DK) - December 2015

    64 Count    4 Wall    Novice 2 Step   Music: Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off - Nathan Carter

Thank God For A Little Rock N' Roll  Helaine Norman (USA) - May 2018

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: Thank God For Rock'n Roll - Mick Muster (Teddy Boys)

That Old Flame Still Lights My Fire  Fabien REGOLI (FR) - June 2013

    32 Count    4 Wall    Beginner   Music: That Old Flame Still Lights My Fire by Jerry Hunter

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