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100% Pure Love

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Linda Scott (USA) & The 3 Chicas - December 2018
100% Pure Love - Crystal Waters
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Intro: 16 counts – bpm: 120

S1: Right Vine with cross, Side Rock, Recover, Right Cross Shuffle
1-2Step right to right side, cross step left behind right
3-4Step right to side, cross step left over right
5-6Rock to right side on right foot, recover on left
7&8Cross shuffle right over left, RLR

S2: Left Vine with cross step, Side rock, Recover, Left Cross Shuffle
1-2Step left to left side, cross step right behind left
3-4Step left to side, cross step left over right
5-6Rock to left side on left foot, recover on right
7&8Cross shuffle left over right, LRL
S3: Right Side touch, Left Side touch, ¼ turn left with a right-side touch, Left Side touch
1-2Step Right foot to right side, touch left next to right
3-4Step left foot to left side, touch right next to left
5-6Make ¼ turn left, stepping right foot to right side, touch left to next to right
7-8Step Left foot to left side, touch right next to left
S4: Right side together, shuffle forward, Left side, together, shuffle back
1-2Step right foot to right side, step left next to right
3&4Shuffle forward, RLR
5-6Step Left foot to left side, Step Right next to left
7&8Shuffle backward, LRL

Start over - No Tags, No Restarts

Thanks to the 3 Chica’s with this dance:
Jane Krga, Roberta Sharpe & Linar Venegas
Linda Scott 219-682-6548


step5678 January 12, 2019
Hi Linda Scott & the 3 Chica's, Love the dance! I will be teaching it at a 5280 Line Dancers' Mini-workshop in Colorado. Will let you know how it is received! Let's Dance!!!

lscott January 18, 2019
Thanks step5678, Hope they enjoy it as much as we do.

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