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Little Girl

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Wil Bos (NL) - September 2014
Little Girl - Barbados : (Album: When The Summer Is Gone)
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Intro 32 counts

Weave R, Chassé R, Rock Back Recover
1-4RF step side, LF cross behind, RF step side, LF cross over
5&6RF step side, LF close, RF step side
7-8LF rock back, RF recover [12]

Side, Together, Chassé ¼ L, Rocking Chair
1-2LF step side, RF together
3&4LF step side, RF close, LF ¼ left and step forward
5-8RF rock forward, LF recover, RF rock back, LF recover [9]

Rock Fwd Recover, Shuffle ½ R, Rock Fwd Recover, Coaster Cross
1-2RF rock forward, LF recover
3&4RF ¼ right and step side, LF step beside, RF ¼ right and step forward
5-6LF rock forward, RF recover
7&8LF step back, RF close, LF cross over [3]

Monterey Turn ¼ R, Jazz Box
1-4RF point side, RF ¼ right and step beside, LF point side, LF step beside
5-8RF cross over, LF step back, RF step side, LF step beside [6]

Start again

Bridge: After the 2nd, 4th, 6th wall (each time at 12.00):after the 8th wall there is no tag anymore.
It’s easy to hear in the music after the instrumental break starts wall 8 on 12:00.
1-4RF dig heel forward, RF step beside, LF dig heel forward, LF step beside

Ending: Dance the 10th wall up to and including count 12 (1st section) and end with:
1LF ½ right and step beside [12]

Last Update – 23rd Sept 2014


Sir Dancelot September 18, 2014
Nice music and nice choreography, Wil !! I'll teach it to my class !!

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