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Dear Future Husband

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Julia Wetzel (USA) - September 2014
Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor : (Album: Title - 3:04)
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** Thanks to my daughter Jessica Wetzel for suggesting this song **

Intro: 8 counts from start of ”Ah...” (approx. 23 seconds into track)
Note: The Tag is 32 counts and is always done at 12:00 (4x in total)
Sequence: Tag, Tag, wall 1, wall 2, wall 3, Tag, wall 4, wall 5, wall 6, Tag, wall 7,…

Tag Do 2x before Wall 1 and then after Wall 3 & 6 (starts and ends at 12:00)
[1 – 8] Step, Touch, Back, Touch, Shuffle, Brush
1-4Step R fw (1), Touch ball of L behind R (2), Step L back (3), Touch ball of R in front of L (4) 12:00
5-8Step R fw (5), Step L next to R (6), Step R fw (7), Brush L next to R (8) 12:00

[9 – 16] ¼ Side, Touch, Touch, Flick, Touch, Flick, Side, Behind
1-2¼ Turn right step L to left side (1), Touch R next to L (2) 3:00
3-6Touch R to right side (3), Flick R back (4), Touch R to right side (5), Flick R back (6) 3:00
7-8Step R to right side (7), Step L behind R (8) 3:00

[17 – 24] ¼, Hold, Side Rock, Cross, Hold, ¼, ¼
1-4¼ Turn right step R fw (1), Hold (2), Rock L to left side (3), Recover on R (4) 6:00
5-8Cross L over R (5), Hold (6), ¼ Turn left step R back (7), ¼ Turn left step L to left side (8) 12:00

[25 – 32] Hop & Bounce, Hop & Bounce, Twist
&1&2, &3&4Hop R to right side (&), Step ball of L next to R bend both knees slightly (1), Lightly bounce up and down (&2), Hop L to left side (&), Step ball of R next to L bend both knees slightly (3), Lightly bounce up and down (&4)
Easier option (1-4): R Side-Touch (1,2), L Side-Touch (3,4) 12:00
5-8Step ball of R to right side bending both knees and twist lower body right (5), Twist left (6), Twist right and shift weight onto L (7), Twist left and flick R out (8) 12:00

-------------------------- Main Dance --------------------------
[1 – 8] Step, Swing, Step, Swing, Touch, Swing, Back, Swing

1-4Step R fw (1), Swing L from back to front (2), Step L fw (3), Swing R from back to front (4) 12:00
5-8Touch R fw (5), Swing R from front to back (6), Step R back (7), Swing L from front to back (8)
Styling (1-8): Do The Charleston with bouncy steps, swinging feet and Mash Potatoes 12:00

[9 – 16] Back Rock, Side Rock, Behind, Out, Out, Behind,
1-4Rock L back (1), Recover on R (2), Rock L to left side (3), Recover on R (4)
Styling: Keep your body mostly in place over R for these “Rock” steps 12:00
5-8Step L behind R (5), Step R to right side (6), Step L to left side (7), Step R behind L (8) 12:00

[17 – 24] ¼, Hold, Step, ½ Pivot, Step, Hold, Step, Scuff
1-4¼ Turn left step L fw (1), Hold (2), Step R fw (3), Pivot ½ turn left step L fw (4) 3:00
5-8Step R fw (5), Hold (6), Step L fw (7), Scuff R next to L turning R foot out (8) 3:00

[25 – 32] Sugar Foot Walk, Modified Jazz Box
1-4Twist lower body right and step R fw (1), Twist left and step L fw (2), Twist right and step R fw (3), Twist left and step L fw (4)
Styling: Step fw on ball of foot with foot turned out. Walk with upper body slightly leaned back 3:00
5-8Cross R over L (5), Step L back (6), Step R next to L (7), Step L fw (8) 3:00

*On Wall 3, 6, 9 (facing 9:00): Do ¼ Turning R Jazz Box (5-8) to face 12:00 to do the Tag/Ending
Hint: This dance never starts at 9:00 Wall

Ending On Wall 10 facing 12:00, dance Counts 1-8 of the Tag, then Out L (&), Out R (1) facing 12:00

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Sebastiaan September 27, 2014
Dear Julia,

Why you juse the same song as my newest dance: Tell Me Everthing's Alright.
I don't like that! Please look first at copperknob, before you juse the same song.
It's not Nice.


Choreographer : Sebastiaan Holtland, Netherlands.

Julia1wetzel September 27, 2014
Hi Sabastiaan,

It is very unfortunate that we both used the same song. I announced that I had a dance to this song on my FB page before your dance was released (please take a look at my page). This has happened to me too so I always check before I use a song and I've stayed away from countless songs that someone else has used out of professional courtesy.

At least our dances are at different levels and have different counts. I hope they can be used as a floor split. I wish you the best of luck with your new dance.

Best regards,

Sassy Stepper September 29, 2014
Love your dance Julia. As an instructor I like having different dances to choose from done to the SAME song. What works for some dancers, may not work for others. Many songs have multiple dances, I have lots to choose from. Look at all the dances to Blurred Lines and Love Runs Out. We can share. There are enough dancers to go round. Really anxious to teach this. Great great dance in my humble opinion.

Julia1wetzel September 29, 2014
Thank you Sassy Stepper. I'm so glad that you like my dance and I'm thrilled that you're teaching it. I agree with you that sometimes it's nice to have choices, especially when different levels of dance are involved. In general, I avoid working with music that someone else has choreographed to. Obviously, with popular new music, that process is not as straight forward. While it's understandable to feel disappointment when another choreographer releases a dance to the same song (especially at the same level), the bottom line is that no one "owns" the right to write to any particular song. I can only hope that choreographers treat each other with proper respect and professionalism.

Pismo October 1, 2014
Or we can all take a page out of Jo Thompson-Szymanski's book and start RESERVING a song by announcing a PLANNED dance . . . .

Julia1wetzel October 2, 2014
Dear Pismo, That's exactly what I did. I announced that I had a dance to this song (on Sept. 22) 4 days before I released the stepsheet on my Facebook Page. I realize that not everyone is watching my Facebook Page, but it's the only way I know of to disseminate this information out to the public and other choreographers. Big Dave has a page on his website called "Dances In Progress" but I don't think he maintains it anymore. If you know of a better way to "RESERVE" a song, please let me know. Thanks.

Pismo October 2, 2014
You can post a non-existent step sheet on this website saying that it will be coming (see Miss Incredible)

Julia1wetzel October 2, 2014
Thank you very much Pismo. I had no idea you can do that on this site.I'll definitely do that in addition to my announcement on FB next time :)

Sassy Stepper October 19, 2014
Wanted to let you know we are now doing your dance and it is a popular request. Thanks again for a really fun dance!!!

Julia1wetzel October 28, 2014
Thanks Sassy Stepper. Glad you're enjoying my dance. xx

lesley November 2, 2014
Any reason why ALL the videos are now unable to be viewed in the UK?????

Julia1wetzel November 2, 2014
Hi Lesley, I just found out that my demo and other demos containing this song have been blocked in the UK and Japan by Sony Music Entertainment. I've uploaded my demo to my FB page. I hope you can see it there. Here's the link:

Tessa Jansen February 25, 2015
Hi Julia, you already know what I think about DFH, but I want to say it again! I LOVE IT!!! Keep on going with your dances! XXX from Holland! :)

Dancingfool62 February 25, 2015
I love the dance also thank you!!!!!
Love Elly also from Holland

gkw April 27, 2015
Julia, love this dance, it is so fun. I know it has taken be a while to get to it, my intermediate class loved it. Thank you for all your wonderful creative dances. Keep them coming.
With Gratitude and Dance Fun,
Gwen Walker from Arkansas

Julia1wetzel April 27, 2015
Thank you Gwen, Tessa and Elly. I'm so happy that you enjoy my dance. Thanks for your nice comments.

Tiger2108 July 23, 2015
Hi Julia

Your daughter has good taste. What a great up beat tune and jazzy dance. I have mentioned this one to dance teacher. I hope he takes it up :-)

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