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Wanna Be Loved

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Intermediate WCS
Malene Jakobsen (DK) - September 2014
Wanna Be Loved - John Legend : (Album: Love In The Future - iTunes)
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Intro: 32 counts from the beginning, 20 seconds into track, dance begins with weight on L

Note: On practically every wall there is a ‘swusch sound’ on count 4-5 and 8-1, I have tried to hit them, so it’s about feeling the ‘swusch’

[1-9] Step, anchor step, 1/2, 1/2, lock step, swivels 1/2
1-2&3(1) Step fwd. on R, (2) step L behind R, (&) lock R slightly over L, (3) step back on L 12.00
4-5(4) Turn 1/2 R stepping fwd. on R, (5) make another 1/2 turn L keeping L toes pointed twd. the floor
(aka pencil turn kinda thing) 12.00
6&7(6) Step fwd. on L, (&) lock R behind L, (7) step fwd. on L 12.00
8-1(8) Swivel R heel making 1/4 R, (1) swivel L heel making 1/4 R as you take weight on L sweep R from front to back
(if you feel like it, roll/sway your hips when doing the swivels) 6.00

[10-17] Behind side cross, unwind full turn L with a hitch, cross rock, side, ‘roll heels’
2&3(2) Cross R behind L, (&) step L to L, (3) cross R over L 6.00
4-5(4) Unwind full turn L hitching L slightly, (5) step L to L 6.00
6&7(6) Rock R across L, (&) recover onto L , (7) press ball of R to R side 6.00
8-1(8) Press R heel to floor lifting L heel, (1) Lift R heel so you’re on the ball of R again (lunge-ish) putting L heel back on the floor – do not take weight on L, has to stay on R 6.00

[18-25] Sailor ‘ball’, ‘roll heels’, behind, 1/4, step, point fwd., step back
2&3(2) Cross L behind R, (&) step R to R, (3) press ball of L to L side 6.00
4-5(4) Press L heel to floor lifting R heel, (5) Lift L heel so you’re on the ball of L again (lunge-ish) putting R heel back on the floor – do not take weight on R, has to stay on L 6.00
6&7(6) Cross R behind L, (&) turn 1/4 L stepping fwd. on L, (7) step fwd. on R 3.00
8-1(8) Point L toes fwd., (1) take big step back on L 3.00

[26-32] Drag, ball step, step, 1/2, coaster, tap, flick
2&3(2) Drag R heel towards L, (&) step R next to L, (3) step fwd. on L 3.00
4-5(4) Step fwd. on R, (5) turn 1/2 L keeping weight on R (roll hips ACW while turning into kind of a sit position) 9.00
6&7(6) Step back on L, (&) step R next to L, (7) step fwd. on L 9.00
8&(7) Tap R next to L, (&) flick R back 9.00



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