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We Can Drink To That

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Low Intermediate
Margaret Morrison (USA) - October 2014
Drink to That All Night - Jerrod Niemann
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Step Lock Step Right, Step Lock Step Left, Kick Out, Out, Sway, Sway
1& 2,Step Right Foot Forward, Lock Left Foot Behind Right, Step Right Foot Forward
3& 4Step Left Foot Forward, Lock Right Foot Behind Right, Step Left Foot Forward
5& 6Kick Right Foot Forward, Step Left Foot To Left Side,Step Right Foot To Right Side, Shoulder Width
7-8Sway Right, Sway Left

Pivot Half Turn Over Left Shoulder, Cross Right Over Left, Heel Jack Ball Step, Rock Recover, Crossing Shuffle
1-2Step Right Foot Forward, Pivot Half Turn Over Left Shoulder, Step Left Foot Forward
3& 4Cross Right Over Left Foot, Step Left Foot Left Side, Place Right Heel Slightly Right Diagonal
& 5-6Ball Step Right Foot, Rock Left Foot Left Side, Recover Right Foot Right Side
7&8Cross Right Foot Over Left, Step Right Foot Side, Cross Right Foot Over Left

Touches Right Foot, Forward, Side, Quarter Turn Sailor Step Over Right Shoulder ,Sailor Shuffle Left ,Sweep Right Foot
1-2Touch Right Foot Forward, Touch Right Foot Side
3& 4step Right Foot Behind Left Foot, Turn Quarter Turn Over Right Shoulder Stepping Left Foot Side, Step Right Foot Right Side
5&6Step Left Foot Behind Right Foot, Step Right Foot Side, Left Foot Side
7-8Sweep Right Foot Over Left Taking Weight, While Taking Weight On Right Foot

Rock Recover, Behind, Side, Cross, Half Monterey Turn Over Left Shoulder
1-2Rock Left Foot, Left Side, Recover Right Foot
3& 4Step Left Foot Behind Right Foot, Step Right Foot Right Side, Step Let Foot Over Right Foot
5-6Point Right Foot Right Side, Step Right Foot Beside Left, While Turning Half Turn Over Right Shoulder
7-8Point Left Foot Left Side, Step Left Foot Beside Right Foot, Taking Weight



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