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Feel the Freedom

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Novice - WCS
Barbara Seelt (NL) - October 2014
The Freedom Song - Jason Mraz
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[1-8] Walk R L, Rock Recover, Full Turn L, ¾ L Cross Shuffle
1, 2step RF forward, step LF forward
3&4rock RF forward, recover on LF, step RF back
5, 6turn ½ L whilst stepping LF forward, turn ½ L whilst stepping RF behind
7&8turn ¾ L whilst crossing LF over RF, step RF to R, cross LF over RF (3:00)

[9-16] Touch, Step, Hitch, Jazz Box ¼ L, Hold, 1¼ R
1, 2touch RF to R, cross RF over LF (facing slightly to 1:30)
3hitch L knee whilst turning ¼ R (facing slightly to 4:30)
4&cross LF over RF, angle up to 3:00 whilst stepping back on RF
5, 6turn ¼ L step LF to L, hold (angle up to 12:00, RF slightly pointed)
7, 8turn ¼ R step RF forward, full turn R whilst stepping LF next to RF
(optional steps counts 7, 8: turn ¼ R step RF forward, step LF next to RF)

[17-24] Hip Bumps 1/2 L, Hip Bumps, Jazz Box, Weave
1&2touch RF forward bump R hip up, start turning ½ L recover weight on LF, bump R hip down whilst finishing ½ turn (9:00)
3&4touch LF forward bump L hip up, recover weight on RF, step LF forward bump L hip down
5&6cross RF over LF, step LF back, step RF to R
7&8&cross LF over RF, step RF to R, cross LF behind RF, step RF to R

[25-32] Touch 1/4 R 2x, Coaster Step Forward, Coaster Cross, Hold 3/4 L
1, 2turn 1/4 R touch LF to L, turn 1/4 R touch LF to L (3:00)
3&4step LF forward, close RF next to LF, step LF behind
5&6step RF behind, close LF next to RF, cross RF over LF
7&8hold and turn slowly 3/4 L ending up at [6:00]



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