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Fireball EZ for the Club

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Mitzi Day (USA) - October 2014
Fireball (feat. John Ryan) - Pitbull
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Long intro to avoid Tag….. Dance starts after Pitbull says “fireball” - No Tags No Restarts

Step diagonal right together, cha cha cha. Step diagonal left together cha cha cha
1-2step right diagonal. Step left together
3&4step diagonal R-L-R.
5-6step left diagonal. Step right together.
7&8step diagonal L-R-L.

Mambo steps forward 2 times.1/4 turn ¼ turn
1&right rock forward. Recover on left
2step right beside left putting weight on right
3&left rock forward recover on right
4step left back together weight on left (12:00)
5-6step forward right foot ¼ turn left
7-8step forward right foot ¼ turn left (6:00)

Side rock and vine two times
1-2rock right foot to side recover on left
3&4step R behind L step L to side cross R over L
5-6rock left to side recover on right
7&8step L behind R step R to side cross L over R (6:00)

Walk, walk chug, chug turning ½ walk, walk press forward turn ½
1-2step forward right then left
3-4keeping weight on left raise right knee up slightly then touch right toe to floor pushing ¼ turn left

Raise right knee up slightly then touch right toe to floor pushing ¼ turn left (12:00)
5-6walk forward right left
7-8step right forward press and turn ½ on left foot (6:00) when pressing use arms like you are doing a pushup against a wall

Thnx for checking it out. I will see you on the dance floor!



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