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Should Be Dancing

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Ultra Beginner
Yeo Yu Puay (MY) - August 2014
You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees : (Album: The Ultimate Bee Gees Disc 1)
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(This dance was written specially for Stephanie Chong and her Summer Beautiful party which was held in August. )

Intro: 32 counts

[1-8] Diagonal Steps(Shoop Shoop) with clap (R&L)
1-2Step R forward into right diagonal(1), step L beside R(2)
3-4Step R forward into right diagonal(3), touch L beside R and clap(4)
5-6Step L forward into left diagonal(5), step R beside L(6)
7-8Step L forward into left diagonal(7), touch R beside L and clap(8)
(HANDS: With fists clenched and arms bent at elbow, swing hands forward(1), back(2), forward(3). Repeat for 5-6-7. Think Supremes style)

[9-16] Diagonal Back Touches with hand rolls
1-2Step R back into right diagonal(1), touch L beside R(2)
3-4Step L back into left diagonal(3), touch R beside L(4)
5-6Step R back into right diagonal(5), touch L beside R(6)
7-8Step L to left (7), touch R to right (shoulder width apart), R knee bent and turned out(8)
(HANDS: roll hands forward one over the other as quickly as you can for the whole 8 counts)
RESTART HERE on Wall 7(facing 6.00)

[17-24] Hip Bumps with "Travolta" hands
&1&2Bump hips right(&), left(1), right(&), left(2) - think of it as lifting hips slightly on the & counts and bumping left on the main counts
Repeat for the next 6 counts (&3&4&5&6&7&8)
(HANDS: Put left hand on left hip, and point right hand diagonally up on the odd counts(1,3,5,7) and diagonally down across the body on the even counts (2,4,6,8).
Think John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever)

[25-32] 3 1/4 turns, hip bumps
1-2Step R forward(1), turn 1/4 left rotating hips anticlockwise, ending with weight on L(2)
3-4Step R forward(3), turn 1/4 left rotating hips anticlockwise, ending with weight on L(4)
5-6Step R forward(5), turn 1/4 left rotating hips anticlockwise, ending with weight on L(6)
7-8Bump hips right(7), left(8) (3.00)
(HANDS: With hands lightly clenched, hold up both arms with elbows bent at shoulder level and rotate both hands in the same direction as the hips for counts 1-6)

Restart: On Wall 7 after 16 counts (facing 6.00)

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