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Hold My Hand (A Beginner NC2)

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Beginner NC2
Yeo Yu Puay (MY) - October 2014
Hold My Hand (牵我的手) - Lim Gee Tiong (林义忠) : (Album: Smiling Face (会笑的嘴))
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Note: This dance can be used as a split floor to other Intermediate/Advance NC2 dances.

Intro: 32 counts

[1-8] NC2 Basics (R&L), Walk, Walk, 1/4 pivot, Cross Side
1,2&Take a big step to right(1), rock L behind R(2), recover weight onto R(&)
3,4&Take a big step to left(3), rock R behind L(4), recover weight onto L(&)
5,6&Walk forward R(5), L(6), R(&)
7,8&Pivot 1/4 left, shifting weight onto L(7), Cross R over L(8), Step L to left(&)

[9-16] Behind, sweep, Behind side forward, Forward Mambo, Reverse Rocking Chair, Back drag
1Step R behind L, sweeping out L from front to back(1),
2&3Step L behind R(2), step R to right(&), step L forward(3)
4&5Rock R forward(4), recover weight onto L(&),** take a big step back on R(5)
6&7&Rock L back(6), recover weight onto R(&), rock L forward(7), recover weight onto R(&)
8&Step L back(8), touch R toe beside L(&)

**Restarts: There will be a restart after count 12& on Walls 13(facing 9.00) and 15(facing 3.00).
Instead doing a forward mambo on 4&5, just do a forward rock on 4&, then take a big step to right(1) for the Restart....

Ending: the song is about 5 minutes’ long. We will stop the dance at approximately 4.20minutes.
The song slows down on the last wall (wall 18). You will be facing 6.00 at the end of wall 18.
To end facing the front, touch R toe back(&), and unwind 1/2 right(1) ....


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