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Wrapped Up

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Simon Ward (AUS) - October 2014
Wrapped Up (feat. Travie McCoy) - Olly Murs : (Album: Never Been Better - iTunes )
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Notes: Dance starts 32 counts from start of track, approx. 16sec.
Dance finishes on count 17-18 facing front.

[1-8] Walk R,L, R fwd ¼ pivot L cross/step R, ¼ turn R, ½ turn R, L shuffle
1-2Walk forward right, left 12:00
3&4Step right forward, Pivot ¼ turn left taking weight onto left, Cross/step right over left 9:00
5-6Make ¼ turn right stepping left foot back 12:00, Make ½ turn right stepping right foot forward 6:00
7&8Step left slightly forward, Step right beside left, Step left slightly forward 6:00

[9-16] R fwd, ¼ turn L touching L toe, ½ turn R touching R toe, R side, Cross L, ¼ L, ½ L
1-2Step right forward, Make ¼ turn left & touch left toe to left side 3:00
(toe pointing slightly out & roll shoulders for styling)
3-4Make ¼ turn right stepping left back 6:00, Make a further ¼ turn right & touch right toe to right 9:00
(toe pointing slightly out & roll shoulders for styling)
5-6Step right to right side slightly, Cross/step left over right 9:00
7-8Make ¼ turn left stepping right back 6:00, Make a further ½ turn left stepping left forward 12:00

[17-24] R fwd, Hip roll turning ½ L, Hips back, Hips fwd, R fwd, ½ turn R, Coaster/step cross
1-2Step right forward (pushing hips slightly back to prepare for hip roll), Pivot ½ turn left rolling hips counter-clockwise keeping weight on right and pressing left toe slightly forward 6:00 (big sharp roll)
3-4Push hips back taking weight onto right, Push hips forward taking weight onto left 6:00
5-6Step right forward, Make ½ turn right stepping left back 12:00
7&8Step right back, Step left beside right , Cross/step right over left 12:00

[25-32] Step L, Hold, R tog, Cross L, ¼ turn R, ½ turn R toe heel strut w/ hips, Rock R back, L fwd
1-2Take big step left, Hold sliding right towards left 12:00
&3-4Step right beside left, Cross/step left over right, Make ¼ turn right stepping right forward 3:00
5&6Touch left toe forward as you bump hips forward, Start making ½ turn right as you bump hips back, Complete ½ turn right as you bump hips forward taking weight onto left 9:00
(toe heel strut bumping hips forward and back making a ½ turn right)
7-8Rock/step right back, Recover weight forward on left 9:00


Notes: No where near as hard as it looks on paper, was actually going to put easy intermediate as the level but decided against it.
Really step the dance out, use loads of styling (funky) and don’t be afraid to use those hips. Especially in the hip roll on counts 17-18 and the hips bumps. Have fun.



Wiggles October 29, 2014
Can't get better than a funky bellychops dance. It great Simon I love it.

bread November 5, 2014
whats the point of having a dance with the video being banned

dm November 10, 2014
love it ..., but so sad, now all the video was blocked :( .. :'(

SooJay November 25, 2014
Fab dance - love it. The steps are relatively easy, the turns and hip moves elevate the dance to a funky feel, which fits well with the music.

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