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Addams Family

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Ultra Beginner OR Contra
Pat Adkins (USA) - October 2014
Addams Family TV Theme Song
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Note: There is no intro, the dance starts immediately.

First da-da-da-dum(front) 32c
1-8Step to r side, close L, with snaps
1-8Step to R side, close L, step r, close L,step to R touch L, snap 2x
1-16Repeat on opposite foot to left (same pattern)

(Vines R, L, R, L) 8 vines total – 32c
1-8Vine right, touch L, vine left (1/2 turn L)
1-8Vine Right, Touch L, vine Left 1/2 turn to L
1-16(repeat) same pattern again)

(Second Da-da-da-dum) Only to R ( 5 vines total) 28c
1-8repeat above pattern ONLY to right ( da-da- step)
1-8vine left 1/2 turn to left, then vine R and touch L
1-8vine L 1/2 turn L, touch R, Vine R touch L
1-4vine l (No Turn) touch R

Walk and pivot and heel steps – 8c
1-4Walk R, L, 1/2 pivot to L, Heel steps, R ,L
1-4(repeat above again)

(Third da-da-da-dum, with snaps) 16c
1-8Same pattern--side to close with snaps to Right
1-8Same pattern opposite foot to left with snaps

Fast walking steps-18c
1-4walk fast R, L, R, L turn 1/2 pivot to R
1-4walk fast R,L,R,L turn R 1/2 pivot to R
1-10walk in place R,L,R,L then 2 heel steps, R,L, Stomp R,L

Have fun with this dance Contra!!



Pismo October 31, 2015
rip off See Dolly Kingsley dance from 2011.

Porterpak October 22, 2023
I really like this dance but I am Confused with the step count.
The steps on the "Step Sheet" don't match up with the step count in the "Demo Video"

1). On the step sheet: (Second Da-da-da-dum) Only to R ( 5 vines total) 28c) >>>> But in the video I see 36 steps.
2). On the step sheet: (Walk and pivot and heel steps – 8c) >>>>>>> But in the video I see 16 steps.
3). On the step sheet: (Third da-da-da-dum, with snaps - 16c) >>>>> But in the video I see 32 steps.

Please, can someone tell me what is the correct count?

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