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This is MAD

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Novice / Intermediate - Smooth WCS
Pim van Grootel (NL), Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) & Michel Platje (NL) - November 2014
Mad - Anthony Hamilton
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Starts after: After 16 Counts - Note – Dance starts facing 1.30!

Walk Fwd Diagonal R, L, Step 1/8 Turn L, Pop 1/8 Turn L, Ball, Cross 1/8 Turn R, Sweep, Cross, Back, Back, Cross, Back, ¼ Turn R
1RF Walk forward into right diagonal (1.30)
2LF Walk forward into right diagonal (1.30)
&RF 1/8 Turn left stepping to the right side
3LF 1/8 Turn left stepping next to RF, Popping the knee’s (10.30)
&LF Little step forward (10.30)
4RF 1/8 Turn right, crossing in front of LF, (12.00) Sweeping the LF from back to front
5LF Cross over RF
&RF Step diagonal right backwards
6LF Step left diagonal backwards
* Tag / Restart Point
7RF Cross over LF
&LF Step left diagonal backwards
8RF ¼ Turn right, Stepping to right side (3.00)

Rock Side, Recover, ½ Turn R, Hitch, Side Step, Cross Behind, Rock Side, Recover, Weave ¼ Turn R, Walk Fwd L, R
1LF Rock to left side
2RF ¼ Turn right, Stepping forward, continue a other ¼ while hitching your LF (9.00)
3LF Step to left side
&RF Cross behind LF
4LF Step slightly to left diagonal backwards
5RF Recover weight
6LF Cross behind RF
&RF ¼ Turn right, Stepping forward (12.00)
7LF Step forward
8RF Step forward

Ball Step, ½ Turn L, ¾ Turn L, Cross Over, Back, Out, Hold, Ball Step
&LF Close next RF
1RF Step forward
2LF ½ Turn left, Stepping forward (6.00)
3RF ½ Turn left, Stepping backwards (12.00)
4LF ¼ Turn left, Stepping to left side (9.00)
5RF Cross over LF
&LF Step backwards
6RF Step out to right
&LF Close next to RF
8RF Step to right

Step Diagonal Fwd, Rocking Chair, Step ½ Turn L, Step Fwd, Tripple Full Turn R
1LF Step diagonal right forward (10.30)
2RF Rock forward
&LF Recover weight
3RF Rock backwards
&LF Recover weight
4RF Step forward (10.30)
5LF ½ Turn left, stepping forward (4.30)
6RF Step forward
7LF ½ Turn right, Stepping next to RF (10.30)
8RF ½ Turn right, Stepping forward
&LF Step forward (4.30)

Restarts + Tag: In walls 3 – 5 – 7 – 9, you will dance up till count 6, And chance count 7&8 into:
Cross Over, Full Turn L
7RF Cross over LF
8Full turn left, Weight ends on LF



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