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A Waltz for Megan

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Sue Wilson (NZ) - November 2010
Amazing Grace - The Sporran Brothers
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Cross Waltz , Cross, ¼R Bck, ½ R Fwd, L Waltz Fwd, R Slow Coaster
1 – 3L Cross, Step R beside L, Step L beside R
4 – 6R Cross in front, ¼ R Step Bck, ½ R Step Fwd
1 – 3L Waltz Step Fwd,
4 – 6R Slow Coaster, [Step Back, Close L Beside R, Step R Fwd]

L Fwd, Pivot ¼ R, Cross, R Weave, L Cross Pt R, HOLD, R Behind, Sweep L to Bck
1 – 3L Step Fwd, Pivot ¼ R, L Cross over R
4 – 6Weave to Right – [R Side, Behind, Side]
1 – 3L Cross over R, Point R to Side, HOLD
4 – 6R Cross Behind, Sweep L Foot out and behind L [2cts]

L Back, Rock, Step, R Fwd, Rock , ¼ R Side, Cross, ¼ L Bck, ½ L Fwd, R Fwd Waltz
1 – 3L Step Back, Rock Fwd onto R, Step L Fwd
3 – 6R Step Fwd, Rock Back onto L, ¼ R Stepping R to Side
1 – 3L Cross in Front, ¼ L Step Back, ½ L Step Fwd
4 – 6R Waltz Step Fwd

L [L Diag] Back,Cross,Back, R [Diag] Back,Cross,Back, L Slow Coaster, Step Sweep
1 – 3L [Diagonal] Step Back, Cross R over L, L Step Back
4 – 6R [Diagonal] Step Back, Cross L over R, R Step Back
1 – 3L Step Back, R Close together, L Step Fwd
4 – 6R Long Step Fwd, Sweep L Foot out and in front R [2cts]

I dedicate this dance to my Mum, who has supported me with my dancing in every way.
Use your arms to flow with the dance and feel the music. Enjoy.

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Lena ;) October 4, 2018
Kia Ora,
Nice dance Sue. I was about to print it off when I noticed one step on the sheet is different from how I was shown and what I see in the videos. No biggy, and correct me if I'm wrong but I think in Section #1, in the first set of 6 steps, step 5 should be a LF back.

I notice too in two of the videos in the first 3 steps,
Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R, Pivot L heel & R heel L (the beat fits in so I suppose its an optional thing as opposed to stepping it)

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