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X'mas Night

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Des Ho (SG) & Johnson Koo (SG) - December 2014
Noche De Paz by Monica (Spain)
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Intro: 32 counts heavy be at ( Start on vocal)

Sec 01-Step fwd, pivot 1/2R step, back touch, 1/4L step fwd, back touch, 1/4L step back, side touch, 1/4L side fwd.
1 - 2Step fwd on LF make pivot 1/2 right, step fwd on RF.
3 - 4Touch back on left toe, 1/4L step fwd on LF. (3.00)
5 - 6Touch back on right toe, 1/4L step back on RF. (12.00)
7 - 8Touch left toe beside RF, 1/4L step fwd on LF. (9.00)

Sec 02 -Side point R, side touch, step fwd, pivot 1/4L, cross, side, knee pops.
1 - 2Point RF to right side, touch right toe beside LF.
3 - 4Step fwd on RF make pivot 1/4 turn left, recover on LF.(6.00)
5 - 6Cross RF over LF, Step LF to left side.
7 - 8Pop right knee in, pop right knee out.

Sec 03 -Diagonal Mambo1/2R, fwd step, Jump & touch, diagonal jump & touch.
1 - 2Rock fwd on RF with diagonal left, recover on LF.(4.30)
3 - 4Make 1/2 turn right step RF fwd, step fwd on LF. (10.30)
5 - 6Jump fwd on RF, touch LF beside RF.
7 - 8Jump to the left diagonal on LF, touch Rf beside LF. (7.30)
***RESTART here on wall 8 (see detail on next page)

Sec 04 -Cross, diagonal back back, 1/8R behind side cross, diagonal fwd, kick.
1 - 2Cross RF over LF, step back on LF. (7.30)
3 - 4Step back on RF, make 1/8R & step LF behind.(9.00)
5 - 6Step RF to right side, cross LF over RF.
7 - 8Diagonal fwd on RF (10.30), kick fwd on LF.

Sec 05 -Back touch 1/2 turn left, flick/sweep & cross x 2, step fwd pivot 1/2L, step fwd.
1 - 2Touch back on left toe to make 1/2 turn left. (4.30)
3 - 4Flick/sweep on RF, cross RF over LF.
5 - 6Flick/sweep on LF, cross LF over RF.
7 - 8Step fwd on RF make pivot 1/2 turn left. step fwd on LF. (10.30)
(Option count:
*3 - 4 Sweep RF from back to front & cross over LF.
*5 - 6 Sweep LF from back to front & cross over RF. )

Sec 06 –Walk fwd R-L, hitch & cross1/8L, side point L & side point R, together.
1 - 2Walk fwd diagonal on RF & LF. (10.30)
3 - 4Hitch RF & cross over LF make 1/8L to square off.
5 - 6Point LF to left side, step LF together.
7 - 8Point RF to right side, step RF together. (9.00)

Tag/Restart: The Restart will happen on the Sec 03 on 8th wall.
There will be changing the step on 23 – 24 counts to:
Big step LF to left side, step RF close to LF and square off.
You will be facing wall 12.00 to Restart the dance.

Ending: The dance to end of 11th wall on the Sec 06.
There will be changing the step on 45 – 48 counts to:
45 – 46Point LF to left side, made Monterey ¼ turn left, step LF together.
47 – 48Point RF to right side, cross RF behind LF or w/ hands free style.
Finish facing 12.00.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year - 2015 - Cheers!!!



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