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Uptown Funk EZ

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High Beginner
Mitzi Day (USA) - December 2014
Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) - Mark Ronson
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Note: No Tag, No Restart
#32 count intro to start with lyrics

[1-8] walk, walk ball walk, walk rock step walk back walk back
1-2&3-4walk forward R foot. Walk forward L foot. Ball of R foot step to instep of L foot taking weight On right. Walk forward left. Walk forward right.
5-6-7-8Rock forward on left recover right. Walk back on left. Walk back on right.

[9-16] step left side hold. Step together step left and touch. Point right toe out, side, front, side, flick back.
1-2step left foot to left side. Hold.
&3-4step right together. (&) step left to left side. (3) Touch right to left instep keeping weight on left (4)
5-6-7-8point right toe to side, to front, to side, then flick to back. For styling tilt left ear toward left shoulder when u flick.

[17-24] step right .hold. Left together turn ¼ right triple step. Step forward touch and turn ¼.step touch.
1-2step right to side. Hold.
&3&4step left together putting weight on left and turning ¼ to right (&) triple step R-L-R.
5-6-7-8step forward left. Touch right toe while turning ¼ rights. Step right forward to 6:00wall.touch left to right instep.

[25-32] step out, out heels up and down. Heels up and down with shoulders up and down. Step back out, out knee pop.
1-2step left foot to side. Step right foot to side.6
&3&4raise both heels up then down. Repeat. For styling shrug both shoulders up down as well.
5-6step left foot straight back and right foot straight back.
7-8put all your weight on left foot while bending right knee in .gotta take care of precious knees!(7) when bending knee dip right shoulder down with it. Then stand with both feet apart weight distributed evenly and knee forward. Standing tall and shoulders back. (8)
For styling when music claps here raise your chin up one inch with clap sound. No more. Gotta take care of precious neck.

A musicality option: if you wanna hit the break on fifth rotation right after flick facing 12:00 the lyric says,” Stop. Wait a minute.” That is a four count break. The choreography already holds for 2 counts of it.
Simply leave the next two counts out. In other words leave the step triple step off then after music starts step touch as if you had never left them out. Also, when singer says “Wait a minute “you can look up and point a finger up during your 4 count hold.
This was fun. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did.



Pismo December 30, 2014
Great job, Mitzi! I love the way this fits the music, and I especially love your suggestion for the "musicality option." I'm always trying to get my students to LISTEN to the music and play with the steps or styling. This is a great way to demonstrate that. Can't wait to teach this.

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