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High Beginner
Yeo Yu Puay (MY) - December 2014
[1-9] Side, Forward shuffle(R&L), Forward rock, Coaster step
1-2&3Step L to left(1), step R forward(2), step L beside R(&), step R forward(3)
4&5Step L forward(4), step R beside L(&), step L forward(5)
6-7Rock R forward(6), recover weight unto L(7)
8&1Step R back(8), step L beside R(&), step R forward(1)

[10-17] 1/4 Pivot, Cross shuffle, Point point Sailor 1/4 turn
2-3Step L forward(2), turn 1/4 right, shifting weight to R(3) (3.00)
4&5Step L across R(4), step R to right(&), step L across R(5)
6-7Point R toe across L(6), point R toe to right(7)
8&1Step R behind L, turning 1/4 right(8), step L to left(&), step R to right(1) (6.00)

[18-25] Forward rock, Back Lock Back, Back Rock, Forward Shuffle
2-3Rock L forward(2), recover weight unto R(3)
4&5Step L back(4), lock R across L(&), Step L back(5)
6-7Rock R back(6), recover weight into L(7)
8&1Step R forward(8), step L beside R(&), Step R forward(1)

[26-32] Jazz Box with 1/4 left, Point Fingers
2-3Cross L over R(2), step R back(3)
4-5Turn 1/4 left, step L to left(4), step R to right(5)(3.00)
(TAG 1 inserted here on walls 2 and 4, then continue dance from count 30)
(SHORTWALL - Wall 6: insert TAG 1, add a left hitch and restart)
6-7-8Point right forefinger forward diagonally left(6), directly ahead(7), diagonally right(8)

[33-40] Hand actions, Shoulder lifts
1-2Move R hand with palms up across body at chest level from left to right
3-4With both elbows held against sides of body, cross hands with palms facing forward, fan out forearms to respective sides
5-6Keeping arms in positions lift R shoulder up and drop L(5), lift L shoulder up and drop R(6),
7-8Lift R shoulder up and drop L(7), lift L shoulder up and drop R, hitching L knee across R(8)(omit hitch when adding TAG 2)

WALLS 2 (facing 6.00) and 4 (facing 12.00): Dance up to count 29 and INSERT TAG 1:
TAG 1 (2 counts): Step L beside R(1), step R to right(2)
Continue the dance with counts 30-40(omit the hitch on count 40), after which you add TAG2:

(TAG 2 at the end walls 2 and 4)
TAG 2 (4 counts): Hug yourself and bump hips RLRLRL, going down lower on each bump(&1&2&3), straighten up, hitch L knee across R(4)

SHORT WALL: On wall 6, dance up to count 29 (facing 6.00) and add TAG 1 and a hitch - Step L beside R(6), step R to right(7), hitch L knee across R(8) and Restart

ENDING: On wall 7, dance up to count 29 but do not turn left for the jazz box so that you end facing 12.00. Hold for count 6, pop R knee in, wrap your arms around yourself and strike a pose on count 7

Have fun!

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