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Speedy Gonzalez

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Yeo Yu Puay (MY) - December 2014
Speedy Gonzales - Pat Boone
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Intro: Come in on Gon-ZA-lez when singer sings “You better come home Speedy Gonzalez…” (around 29 seconds)

[1-8] Side Kick(R&L) Right Vine
1-2Step R to right(1), kick L across R(2)
3-4Step L to left(3), kick R across L(4)
5-6Step R to right(5), step L behind R(6)
7-8Step R to right(7), touch L beside R(8)

[9-16] Side kick(L&R), Left vine with 1/4 turn
1-2Step L to left(1), kick R across L(2)
3-4Step R to right(3), kick L across R(4)
5-6Step L to left(5), step R behind L(6)
7-8Turning 1/4 left, step L forward(7), scuff R heel beside L(8) (9.00)

[17-24] Rocking Chair, Jazz Box
1-2Rock R forward(1), recover weight onto L(2)
3-4Rock R back(3), recover weight onto L(4)
5-6Cross R over L(5), step L back(6)
7-8Step R to right(7), step L beside R(8)

[25-32] Jump back, Clap, Bounce(2x), Twist heels(RLRL)
&1-2Jump back R(&) L(1), Clap(2)
3-4Bounce heels twice (3,4)
5-6-7-8Twist both heels R(5), L(6), R(7), L(8)

Tag: At the end of walls 3 and 7(both facing 3.00), add the following 4 counts: Twist heels R(1), L(2), R(3), L(4) and Restart from beginning

This dance was specially written for Elizabeth Ng and her 2014 Glittering Joyous Christmas Party.

Contact: Yu Puay:


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