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High Beginner
Sherrie Louise - January 2015
Man! I Feel Like a Woman! - Shania Twain
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With Attitude Please!

Section 1: Touch, side hip bumps, left side shuffle, back rock.
1,2,3&4Weight is on the right, touch left toe out to left side, hip bumps left, right and left.
5&6,7,8Left side shuffle stepping left to left side, right next to left, left to left side. Rock/Step right foot back, recover weight onto left.

Section 2: *While Shimmying Right Heel Strut, Left Heel Strut, Rocking Chair.
1,2,3,4Touch Right toe forward with heel up, lower right heel to floor shifting the weight. Touch Left toe forward with heel up, lower left heel to floor shifting the weight.
*Move your shoulders backwards and forwards one at a time, if everything else moves too- don’t fight it.
5,6,7,8 Step/Rock Right foot forward, rock weight back onto left foot. Step/Rock right foot back, rock weight forward onto left foot.

Section 3:Grapevine Right touch, Grapevine Left with a ¼ turn touch.
1,2,3,4Step Right foot slightly forward, Left foot behind Right, Right to Right side, touch Left next to Right.
5,6,7,8Step Left slightly forward, Right behind Left, Left to left side making left a ¼ turn, touch Right next to Left.

Section 4: Double hip bumps forward, Single Hip pushes.
1&2,3&4Step Right foot forward bumping Right hip forward, Back, Forward. Bump, Right hip, back, forward, back.
5,6,7,8With weight on both feet, bend knees and push hips forwards, backwards, forwards, backwards. (Up and Down).

End of Dance.

Don’t forget to strike a pose at the end of the song!



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