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Secret Lies

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Pat Stott (UK) - January 2015
Dirty Lie - The Secret Sisters : (CD: Put Your Needle Down - single - iTunes)
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Intro: 32 counts, approx 16 seconds (No Tags)

Chasse right, rock back, recover, step left, tap right toe, step right, tap left toe
1&2. Step right to right, close left to right, step right to right
3-4. Rock back on left, recover on right
5-6. Step left to left turning body to right diagonal and dip down, tap right in place as you stand up again
7-8. Step right to right turning body to left diagonal and dip down, Tap left in place as you stand up again
Choreographers note: try to give the steps 5-8 a funky feel

Chasse left, rock back, recover, cross, point, cross, point
1&2. Step left to left, close right to left, step left to left
3-4. Rock back on right, recover on left
5-6. Step forward on right and slightly across left, point left to left (snap fingers of left hand to left side)
7-8. Step forward on left and slightly across right, point right toe to side (snap fingers on LEFT hand)
Option: add shimmies as you step forward

Jazz box with 1/4 turn right, jazz jump forward, clap, jazz jump back, clap
1-4. Cross right over left, step back on left, turn 1/4 right stepping right to right, step forward on left
&5,6. Jump forward stepping out on right, step out on left, hold and clap
&7,8. Jump back stepping back on right, back on left, hold and clap

Stomp, bounce heels x3 turning 1/4 left, rock back on left, recover on right, turn 1/4 right large step to left drag right towards left, tap
1. Stomp right to right
2,3,4. Gradually turning 1/4 left bounce both heels weight ending on right on beat 4
5-6. Rock back on left, recover onto right
7-8. Turn 1/4 right taking a big step to left dragging right towards left, then tap right next to left
Optional styling: whilst gradually turning on steps 2-4 lean slightly to the right with arms out to the sides.

End of the music turn 1/4 left and step right to right taaaadaaa!
Enjoy :-)



Totty January 27, 2015
Great video. jenny and team, thank you very much for recording it :-)

dancer33 January 28, 2015
Love this xxxx

Sassy Stepper January 29, 2015
Fun dance. Thank you Pat.

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