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Shades of Passion

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Intermediate / Advanced waltz
Rob Fowler (ES) - January 2015
Earned It - The Weeknd : (from soundtrack of Shades of Grey)
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Easy waltz try ‘Wonderland waltz’ - fits great

Intro: 24 counts

Section 1: Cross point Hold, back, sweep
1-3Cross left over right, point right to right side, hold
4-6Step right back, sweep left behind right over 2 beats (no Weight)

Section 2: Behind, Side, Cross, Slide
1-3Step left behind right, step right to right side, Cross left over right
4-6Take long step to right, drag left to right, touch left

Section 3: ¾ Rolling Turn left, Step Back ¼ Turn, Side Step Hold
1-3Make ¼ turn left on to left, Make ½ turn left back on right, Step back left [3 o clock]
4-6Step back right Making ¼ turn right weight on right. point left to left side, hold[6 o clock]

Section 4: Make Full turn left, Cross Rock, Side
1-3Transfer weight to left foot as you sweep right full turn left, touch right out to side
4-6Rock right over left, Recover back on left, Step right to right side[6 o clock]

Section 5: Cross Left over Right, Kick right Diagonal, Step back right ,Step Back ½ Turn
1–3Cross left over right, kick right diagonally right, hold[7-30 o clock]
4–6Step back right, Make ½ turn left on to left, Step forward right [1-30 o clock]

Section 6: Left Twinkle, ½ Turn Twinkle
1-2Step Diagonally forward left, Step diagonally forward right [1-30 o clock]
3Brush left past right stepping left diagonally left [10-30 o clock]
4-5Cross right over left, make ¼ turn right step back left,
6Make ¼ turn right step right to side [6 o clock]

Section 7: Cross Rock ¼ Turn Left , Full Spiral Turn Forward
1-3Cross left over right, recover back on right, make ¼ turn left onto left
4-6Step forward right, Make full spiral turn left weight on right hook left heel across( 2 beats )

Section 8: Step forward Left, rock forward right recover, Make ½ Turn Right, ½ Pencil Turn
1-3Step forward left, Rock forward right, recover back left
4-6Make 1/2 turn right on to Right, Make ½ pencil turn right bringing left next to right, hold

Section 9: Step Forward Left, Touch, Hold, Step Back Right, Touch, Hold
1-3Step forward on left, touch right next to left, hold
4-6Step back right, touch left next to right, hold

Section 10: ½ Turn Basic, Back, Together, Step, Together
1-3Step left forward, Make ½ turn left step back right, left together
4-6Step Back right, step left next to right, step right next to left

Section 11 Step Hitch, Cross Touch, hold
1-3Step forward left, hitch right knee across left leg 2 beats
4-6Cross right over left, point left to left side, Hold

Section 12: Left Sailor Step, Right Cross Behind , Unwind ½ Turn Right, point left, hold
1-3Cross left behind right, step right to right side, step left slightly to left side
4-6Cross right behind left, Unwind ½ turn right point left to left side, hold (thanks Pat)


Totty January 25, 2015
My claim to fame is to have my name on a Rob Fowler dance :-)

lex's liners February 3, 2015
Absolutely fantastic dance, my favourite so far this year x

nthjjenny November 23, 2015
love the dance

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