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Improver / Intermediate
José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Dag Alexander Wien (NOR) - February 2015
All of Me – Zodab Hafafada
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Restart : Wall 5 after 16 counts

S1: Step, Touch, Step, Touch, Step, Siderock, Step, Lockshuffle
1RF step to the side
2LF touch next to RF
3LF step to the side
4RF touch next to LF
5RF step forward
6LF rock to the side
&RF recover weight
7LF step forward
8RF step forward
&LF lock behind RF
1RF step forward

S2: Step diagonal back, Cross, Step diagonal back, Side, Behind, SideRock, Cross, ¼ Turn R, ¼ Turn R, Cross, Side
2LF step back in diagonal
3RF cross over LF
4LF step back in diagonal
&RF step to the side
5LF cross over RF
6RF rock to the side
&LF recover weight
7RF cross over LF
&¼ Turn right, LF step back
8¼ Turn right, RF step to the side
&LF cross over RF
1RF step to the side

S3: Sway, Sway, Behind, ¼ Turn R, Step, Step, Rock Back, Step, ½ Turn L, Step
2Sway to the left
3Sway to the right
4LF cross behind RF
&¼ Turn right, RF step forward
5LF step forward
6RF rock back
7LF recover weight
8RF step forward
&½ Turn left
1RF step forward

S4: ¼ Turn L, Cross shuffle, ½ Turn R, Crossshuffle, Crossshuffle making ½ Turn L, 1/8 Turn R, Full Turn R, Bodyroll
2¼ Turn left, LF cross over RF
&RF step small step to the side
3LF cross over RF
4½ Turn right, RF cross over LF
&LF step small step to the side
5RF cross over LF
6¼ Turn left, LF cross over RF
&¼ Turn left, RF step small step to the side
7LF cross over RF
8 1/8 Turn right, RF step diagonal forward
&½ Turn right, LF step next to RF
1½ Turn right, RF step forward, make bodyroll from front to back

S5: Hold, Bodyroll (2x), Step Back (6x), Side
3Make bodyroll from front to back
4Make bodyroll from front to back
5LF step back
6RF step back
&LF step back
7RF step back
8LF step back
&RF step back
1LF step to the side

S6: Close, Close, ¼ Turn L Step Back, Close, Close, Step, Rockstep, Touch
2RF step next to LF
&LF step next to RF
3¼ Turn left, RF step back
4LF step next to RF
&RF step next to LF
5LF step to the side
6RF rock forward
7LF recover weight
8RF touch next to LF



annickvu February 21, 2015
Hello from France,
I learn dances alone at home with your choregraphies and videos. I think there is an error but I'm not sure. In S4, I have to make 3/4 Turn left to be on wall 9 o'clock as Jose is in his video.
Please, say me if I'm right or not.

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