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Kiss My Country A**

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Phrased Intermediate
Bruno Moggia (SVN) - February 2015
My Kind of Music - Ray Scott
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Sequence: AA-B-AA-BB-A-BB

Part A: 32 counts
Sect: A1- Shuffle, rock step, stomp, shuffle, rock step, stomp
1&2Step right to side, step left together, step right to side
3-4Back rock left, recover right
5&6Step left to side, step right together, step left to side
7-8Back rock right, recover left

Sect: A2- Shuffle twice, step ½ turn twice, stomp twice
1&2Step fwd right, step left together, step fwd right
3&4Step fwd left, step right together, step fwd left
5-6½ turn left step fwd right, ½ turn left step fwd left
7-8Stomp right, stomp left

Sect: A3- Monterey turn, stomp up, coaster step, scuff, brush
1-2Point right to right, ½ turn right step right beside left
3-4Point left to side, stomp up left beside right
5&6Step back left, step right beside left, step fwd left
7-8Scuff right beside left, brush right back

Sect: A4- Shuffle back, coaster step, out, in, stomp twice
1&2Step back right, step left together, step back right
3&4Step back left, step right beside left, step fwd left
&5&6Out right, left, In right, left
7-8Stomp right, stomp left

Part B: 32 counts
Sect: B1- Kick ball touch, heel, kick ball touch, touch, hat twice
1&2-3Kick ball right, touch left to left, left heel touch fwd
4&5-6Kick ball left, touch right to right, cross touch right behind left
7-8Look to left touch hat with left hand, twice

Sect: B2- Half wine, cross, side rock step ½ turn, stomp twice
1-2Step right to side, cross left behind right
&3Step right to side, cross left over right
4-5-6Side rock right, recover left, ½ turn right step right to right
7-8Stomp left, stomp right up

Sect: B3- Heel, touch, kick ball out, applejack x 4
1-2Right heel touch fwd, left toe touch back
3&4Kick ball left, out right
&5&6Applejack twice left
&7&8Applejack twice right

Sect: B4- Step, touch, heel x 2, touch, full turn, stomp up
1-2Step fwd left, point right behind left
3-4-5Left heel tap fwd, right heel tap fwd, point left behind right
6-7Full turn unwind
8Stomp up right beside left



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