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All Over The World

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Beginner / Improver
Debbie Hogg (UK) - February 2015
All Over the World - Electric Light Orchestra
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Section One: 2 Walks Forward, 2 Hip Bumps, 4 Walks round
1 2Step forward right foot, Step forward left foot
3 4Place right foot to right side with hip bump to right, Another hip bump to right (weight ends on right foot)
5-84 walks round in your own small circle to left (anti-clockwise) (L, R, L, R)

Section Two: Step Touches x3 Travelling slightly back, Side Touch
1 2Step left foot diagonally back to left, Touch right foot beside left foot
3 4Step right foot diagonally back to right, Touch left foot beside right foot
5 6Step left foot diagonally back to left, Touch right foot beside left foot
7 8Touch right foot to right side, Touch right foot beside left foot

Section Three: Grapevine right making ½ turn right, Brush, Left chasse, Rock Back, Recover
1 2Step right foot to right side, Step left foot behind right foot
3 4Make ¼ turn right stepping right foot forward, Scuff left foot making a ¼ turn right
5&6Step left foot to left side, Step right foot beside left, Step left foot to left side
7 8Rock back on right foot, recover weight onto left foot

Section 4: Side, Cross, Side, Touch (x2)
1 2Step right to side, Cross step left over right
3 4Step right to side, Touch left foot in place
5 6Step left to side, Cross step right over left
7 8Step left to side, Touch right foot in place.

Tags: These are easier than they look on paper as music Helps!
At end of 3rd wall (facing 6:00 wall) and 9th wall (facing front) simply repeat Section 4.
At end of 7th wall (facing front) Repeat Section 4, 3 times.
Again the music helps you along!



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