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Big Time Operator

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Jo Kinser (UK), John Kinser (UK), Ruben Luna (USA) & Sobrielo Philip Gene (SG) - January 2015
Big Time Operator - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy : (Single - iTunes - 4:00)
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Start the dance 64 counts in on the vocals (0.23). Dance turns 1/4 Lt.
Note: Fade Music at 3:24 to end dance if you wish

[1-8] Kick Fwd Side, Back Point X2, Lean-Back, Hitch-Touch
1,2Rt low Kick fwd, Kick Rt low to right diagonal
3,4Step Rt behind Lt, Point Lt to left side
5,6Step Lt behind Rt, Point Rt to right side (counts 4-6 are traveling backwards)
7,8Step Rt back opening Rt shoulder to the right, Hitch Lt knee touching Lt foot next to Right

[9-16] Step Lock, Step Touch, Heel Heel, Step Together
1,2,3,4Step Lt fwd, Lock Rt behind Lt, Step Lt fwd, Touch Rt next to left
5,6Step fwd onto Rt Heel, Step fwd onto Lt Heel (feet shoulder width apart)
7,8Step Rt back, Step Lt next to Right (feet shoulder width apart)

[17-24] Rt Toe Fan, Swivel Rt: Out Out In In, Twist Lt
1,2Fan Rt toe to the right, Fan back to centre
RESTART: Wall 4 facing (3:00) instrumental section, Repeat the Toe Fan. Restart the dance.
3,4Swivel Rt Toe Out, Swivel Rt Heel Out
5,6Swivel Rt Heel In, Swivel Rt Toe In (feet facing 12 o’clock)
7,8Twist your Heels to the left, Twist your Toes to centre

[25-32] Rt Turning Jazz Box Cross, Side, Touch Behind, Unwind 3/4 Turn Lt
1,2Cross Rt in front of Lt, Step Lt back
3,4Make 1/4 turn right stepping Rt to right, Cross Lt in front of Rt (3:00)
5,6,7,8Step Rt to right, Touch Lt toe behind right, Unwind 3/4 left, Weight Lt (6:00)

[33-40] Fwd – Touch Snaps, Back – Touch Snaps, & Jump Back Clap X2
1,2Step Rt to right diagonal, Touch Lt next to right and Snap both Fingers
3,4Step Lt back to left diagonal, Touch Rt next to left and Snap both Fingers
&5-8Jump back – Rt & Lt 5), Clap Hands 6). Rpt for &7,8

[41-48] Monterey 1/4, Heel Split, Heels - Push
1,2,3,4Point Rt to right, Make 1/4 turn right stepping Rt next to left (9:00), Point Lt to left, Step Lt next to right
5,6With the weight on the balls of your feet: Split your Heels Out, Bring them back to Centre
7,8Push back onto your heels lifting your toes up extending Arms fwd, Come back to Centre

[49-56] Toe Strut, Cross Toe Strut, Kick Step, Cross Kick Step with Jazz Hands
1,2,3,4Touch Rt Toe to right, Drop Heel, Touch Lt Toe in front of right, Drop Heel
5,6,7,8Kick Rt low fwd right, Step Rt to right, Kick Lt low fwd in front of Rt, Step down on Lt in front of right

[57-64] Swivel Knee Out In Out Press Kick, Weave – Behind, Side, In front, Side
1,2Press ball of Rt foot to the right – Rt Knee is Rolled Out, Roll Knee In
3,4Roll Knee Out, Push off the Rt foot and Kick the Rt foot low fwd
5,6,7,8Step Rt behind left, Step Lt to left, Cross Rt in front of left, Step Lt to left

Keep Dancin!

Jo Kinser & John Kinser :
Ruben Luna :
Philip Sobrielo :


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