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Intermediate WCS
Nicola Lafferty (UK) - February 2015
Somebody Loves You - Charlie Wilson : (Album: Forever Charlie)
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#32 Count Intro

[1-8] 2 x Knee Walks to R diagonal, 2 x Walks, R Sailor Step, L Ballchange, Side
1&Travelling towards R diagonal, and facing L diagonal, Step RF to R side opening knees, Close LF to RF closing knees
2&Repeat counts 1&
3,4Squaring up to 12.00, Step RF to R diagonal, Step LF to L diagonal
5&6R Sailor Step
&7,8Rock LF behind RF, Recover weight to RF, Step LF to L side

[9-16] Cross Point, Side Step, Cross Rock, Recover, Step L ¼ Turn, ¾ Ballchange, Side, Behind, ¼ Turn, Side Rock Recover
1,2Cross point RF over LF, Step RF to R side
3&4Cross Rock LF over RF, recover weight to LF, making ¼ turn L, step LF fwd (face 9.00)
&5Making a ¾ Turn over your L shoulder to end up facing 12.00, rock RF behind LF, recover weight to LF
6Squaring up to 12.00, Step RF to R side
7&Step LF behind RF, making ¼ turn R, Step RF fwd (face 3.00)
8&Rock LF to L side, Recover weight to RF

[17-24] Weave to R, 2 Triples making ½ Turn R
1,2Cross LF over RF, Step RF to R side
3&4Step LF behind RF, Step RF to R side, Cross LF over RF
5&6, 7&8Making a ½ turn semi-circle to face 9.00, R triple, L triple

[25-32] 2 x Walks fwd, Mambo Step, Rocking Chair Back, Step Side, Side, Squeeze feet together
1,2Walk fwd RF, Walk fwd LF
3&4Rock RF fwd, recover weight to LF, Step RF back
&5Rock LF back, recover weight to RF
&6Rock LF fwd, recover weight to RF
&7Step LF to L side, Step RF to R side
8Squeeze and slide feet together

Begin again


Wiggles March 8, 2015
Hi Nicola. Anne here from Chris Watson's class. I love this dance and music. A great jazzy song.

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