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Wake Me Up

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Laura Sway (UK) - March 2015
Wake Me Up - Derek Ryan
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Count in: 32 - Notes: No Tags , No Restarts.

[1-8] Chasse right, rock back recover, step side behind & heel x2.
1&2 3 4Step right to right side, step left to right, step right to right side. Rock back on the left, recover weight onto right.
5 6& 7 8Step left to left side, step right behind left, step left slightly to left side, tap right heel forward x2.

[9-16] & Heel toe, shuffle forward, rock forward recover, shuffle ½ turn right.
&1 2 3&4Step on the right, touch left heel forward, touch left toe back. Step forward on left, step right to left, step forward on the left.
5 6 7&8Rock forward on the right, recover weight onto the left, making ½ turn over right shoulder step forward on the right, step left to right, step forward on the right.

[17-24] Heel & heel & touch, kick, cross over, back & cross, point.
1&2& 3 4Touch left heel forward, step left to right, touch right heel forward, step right to left, touch left toes beside right, kick left forward.
5 6& 7 8Step left across right, step back on the right, step left beside right, step right across left, point left to left side.

[25-32] Left sailor step, rock back recover, right shuffle forward, step ¼ right, drag, touch.
1&2 3 4Step left behind right, step right in place, step left to left side. Rock back on the right, recover onto left.
5&6 7 8Step forward on the right, step left to right, step forward on the right. Making ¼ turn to the right step left to left side, drag right to left touching right to left to finish.


Sallyredhotanne March 11, 2015
Brill !!! Music superb !! <3

dancer33 May 16, 2018
Love love love this version of the song great little dance

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