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Bang Bang

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Wendy Loh (MY) & Melvin Tan (MY) - January 2015
Bang Bang - Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj
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Dance starts after 4x8 counts from beginning of music

Section 1 : Diagonal Step Forward, Bounce, ½ R Step, Bounce
1Step LF diagonally forward to L & push hip out to L side
2 3 4Bounce heels three times and transfer weight to RF
5Turn ½ R & Step LF to side, still keeping weight on RF
6 7 8Bounce heels three times and transfer weight to LF

Section 2 : Step Forward, Hitch, Step Back, Hitch, Stomp 2x, Chest Pop 2x
1 2Step RF forward, Hitch LF
3 4Step LF back, Hitch RF
5 6Stomp RF to side, Stomp LF to side
7 8Do chest pop twice

Section 3 : Vine to Right with a ¼ R Turn, Heel Swivel RLRL
1 2 3 4Step RF to side, Step LF behind RF, Turn 1/4R & Step RF forward, Step LF Together
5 6 7 8Swivel both heels to R, L, R, L

Section 4 : Step Forward, 1/2L Pivot, Step Forward, Together, Body Roll, Hitch
1 2Step RF forward, Turn ½ L ending with weight on LF
3 4Make a big step forward on RF, Step LF together
5 6 7Bend both knees and do a upward body roll
8Hitch L knee

TAG (4 counts)
After Wall 10 (6:00)
1 2 3 4Sway L, R, L, R


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